Marketing Plan

or 17 years Bret Marchant, the founder of Southwest Sunshine, has perfected his unique direct marketing style of offering high quality herbal products through demonstration at outdoor events. In 1992 an aggressive marketing plan was established to provide people with an entrepreneurial spirit the same opportunity for success.

Today, trained Southwest Sunshine independent distributors can be found demonstrating in indoor & outdoor markets, festivals, women's expo's and fairs. They achieve high sales volume with over 100% profit by applying 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Independent distributors obtain the same quality, herbal skin care products the Marchant family has provided for 25 years. Previously in expensive packaging and sold to retail companies and salons, it is now available directly from the manufacturer under its own label: Southwest Sunshine. The entire herbal collection is offered at wholesale pricing with a money-back guarantee to its distributors, as well as to their customers!

Step 2

Distributors obtain product knowledge and learn, with the support of training material, our exclusive, tried and true "Pitch" to insure an effective demonstration. The combination of a proven sales technique with over 100% profit margin and potential customers everywhere insures success!

Step 3

Thanks to no-frills packaging, no advertising costs, and no exorbitant retail overhead expenses, everyone wins. The customer gets high quality products at a reasonable price and distributors enjoy high sales volume with tremendous profits. The good news doesn't end there!! As a distributor's business grows, mail re-orders from satisfied customers provide a lucrative source of effortless and continual profits!

Our Satisfied Customers
Tell the Story...

"Your products work better than anything I've tried and I have tried them all, from drugstore to department store. Thank you for caring about quality!!"

- V.S. San Francisco, CA

"My sister says your herbal products especially the cleanser and gel, are terrific. She has had cystic acne for years and now her skin is clear! I want your products too!"

- L.H. New York, N.Y.

"While visiting Arizona this winter, I purchased your skin care system. I am 60 years old and I thought nothing would make a difference. This did! I love the compliments! God Bless!

- E.L. Ferndale, WA

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