Skin Care for Sun Allergies

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Skin care is important all year round, but especially during the summer as some people are more susceptible to the sun’s rays than you think.

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE explains that some people are actually allergic to the sun. People who do have an allergy to the sun will develop an annoying itchy rash that is red and bumpy on the arms and the chest.

Below are some of the more common sun allergies:



One of the most common sun allergies is known as photodermatoses. You can get relief from photodermatoses if you apply the HEALING HERBAL GEL from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. In fact, the HERBAL HEALING GEL should be a skin care staple in your household.


Known as PMLE, polymorphous is another skin allergy that usually occurs in women who are aged between 20 and 40. It’s called Polymorphous because the bumpy pink or red rash looks different on different people. Polymorphous will usually appear on the legs, chest or arms. The face is rarely affected.

PMLE usually occurs in late spring or summer, with several hours of exposure to the sun after a long winter of no sun exposure. Although it’s not unsightly, it does burn or itch. After the first episode, PMLE will reappear every year. If you suffer from a skin allergy, include the HEALING HERBAL GEL from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE in your skin care regime as it may relieve some of the itchiness.

Solar Urticaria

If you suddenly break out in hives after spending a few minutes in the sun, you could have solar urticaria. Similar to PMLE your face isn’t usually affected. Once you are in the sun it will tend to disappear as quickly as it appeared and will rarely last for more than 24 hours.


Acne suffers can get red and burning skin if taking doxycycline. Referred to as drug-induced photosensitivity, several medications can cause this type of rash. The rash can affect any part of the body, including the face. If you suffer from acne, you may find relief in the all-natural skin care line from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

What Can Help?

If you are susceptible to sunburn, or have a sun allergy try the HERBAL HEALING GEL from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. The HERBAL HEALING GEL can help relieve dry, red, and itchy skin and helps with burns and other skin conditions including psoriasis and rosacea.

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Don’t spend the rest of the summer scratching. Order your HERBAL HEALING GEL from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today. Buy four and keep one in each medicine cabinet and you will not have to pay for shipping in the United States.

Dry Skin Happens Everywhere

Dry skin

It isn’t summer without dry skin, and if you suffer from patchy, scaly skin because of the heat, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE can help. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE offers dry skin sufferers relief with its all-natural skin care line that protects all skin types, even if you are sensitive to other so-called natural products.

Even if you live in a sub-tropical climate, you can still have dry and flaky skin because your sweat glands will be working overtime.

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE explains that although dry and hot climates or dry winter weather is blamed for dry skin, it can be just as problematic in humid climates.

It could be your Age or Genetics

As your skin ages it will produce fewer sweat and oil glands. This results in skin that is more apt to be dry. In addition, you can also blame your parents and your ancestors, as dry skin tends to be hereditary. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE explains that if you use greasy or heavy lotions or creams, especially if you are over 40, or if you slather sunscreen on all year round you may have to deal with dry and flaky skin. If you live in a state, such as Oregon or Washington that tends to be cloudy, you could also be more likely to suffer from dry skin.

Skin Care Products and Soap

There are many types of skin care products and soaps that are very drying regardless of where you live, as some products will strip your skin of its natural oils.

Dry SkinIf you have dry flaky skin never use products that contain fragrances, deodorants, or alcohol, as these ingredients will cause dry skin. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE contains all natural herbs that will soothe your dry skin while moisturizing at the same time.

If you suffer from dry skin, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE recommends that you wash your face often throughout the day, as sweat in a humid climate will dry your skin. Also, look for all natural soap free skin care products that include a good natural moisturizer such as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

You don’t have to deal with dry skin this summer when you order your products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. Order now and get free shipping in the United States when you order four or more products online. Order today.

The History of Moisturizer

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According to anthropologists, humans have been using some sort of moisturizer for the past 10,000 years. People in Africa and Brazil used palm oil, Native American tribes used animal fat to keep skin soft and supple while Latin American women were partial to avocado.

The ancient Sumerians, the first known civilization, which was located where Iraq is today, created natural salves from minerals, animals, or pulverized plants. They combined the ingredients with tree oils and wine before applying to their skin as a moisturizer.

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Ancient Egyptian parchments explain how moisturizer and body creams were found at the burial sites. Cleopatra was known for using sesame oil and olive oil to keep her skin looking young. Resinous myrrh, oil of Ben, wine, honey, cardamom, and bitter olives were also made by the Egyptians who used the ointment as a moisturizer.

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The Bible talks about lotions made from spices and olive oil. One Byzantine passage recommends a facial mask made of myrrh, egg yolks, aloe, and hot rose oil.

Olive oil was a popular moisturizer that was used by the ancient Greeks with Homer describing Hera anointing herself with scented olive oil before seducing Zeus. Some Greek women swore by an anti-aging routine that required them to spread bread and milk on their body and face before going to bed while Hippocrates used honey on his face for a moisturizer as he believed it would give him a, “Fresh and jovial look.”

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Roman physician Galen was the first to create a cold cream moisturizer using rose oil, melted beeswax, and water. He called it cold cream because that is how it made your skin feel. This was developed around 200 BC.

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Manufactured body creams became popular in the 1800’s with new ingredients including petroleum jelly. Lanolin and mineral oils were also added to moisturizer around the same time.

Today there are thousands of body creams and moisturizers available with more than 80 percent of women in the United States claiming to use body or hand lotion on a regular basis, however, a huge percentage of those creams and moisturizers are loaded with chemicals, but not SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

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SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE uses a mixture of plants, vitamins, and minerals to create the all-natural line of skin care products, much like the ancient Romans and Egyptians did. Every product from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE is perfect for all skin types and people of all ages.

If you are tired of putting chemicals on your face and would like to try an affordable all natural line of skin care products, order a skin care system from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today.

A Healthy Diet for Dry Skin

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You are what you eat is something that you may have heard a few times, but what you eat does more than affect your body. In fact, what you eat can also have a huge affect on your skin, and could likely cause dry skin.

If you have dry skin you probably know that natural skin care products, such as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, can help, but so can your dietary choices.

Eating a diet that includes healthy fats, such as Omega-3’s can help keep your dry skin hydrated, soft and supple.

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SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE explains that the most important part of your skins barrier is lipids. Those lipids include free fatty acids, phospholipids, ceramides, and cholesterol. If your skin does not have enough healthy fat, water can escape through the barrier. This allows your skin to become dehydrated, which could cause dry skin.

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Herring, salmon, anchovies, sardines, and mackerel along with flaxseed oil, grass-fed beef, and all natural eggs can help hydrate your skin. All natural skin care products, such as the line from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, can also help prevent water evaporation and dehydration. If you don’t care for fish, or are expecting and aren’t allowed to eat it, there are Omega-3 supplements available.

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Vitamin C, an ingredient in the all-natural skin care line of products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE allows collagen to form. Collagen acts like a sponge when it comes to moisture. Copper and zinc are also important minerals as they keep your collagen dense, which allows for hydrated and plump skin. A good multivitamin that contains trace minerals such as copper and zinc can help keep your skin soft and supple. Zinc has also been show to maintain smooth skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

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Although your morning cup of coffee or tea isn’t likely to dehydrate you, too much caffeine can constrict your blood vessels. If you like your morning cuppa, the lip and eye cream from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE can help reduce puffiness and help with dry skin. In the long run, blood flow restriction can affect healthy circulation, which means that your skin cells will not turn over as quickly.

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If you are enjoying a balanced diet with enough fats, adding additional fats or supplements may not be a quick fix when it comes to dry skin. However, using all natural skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE can help improve your skin. Order your all natural skin care system from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today.

Good Skin Care Starts Early

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Good skin care should start at an early age for both boys and girls as teaching good skin care habits when your kids are younger will not only show them how to take care of their skin, but also give them great looking skin for the rest of their lives.

Just like other healthy habits, such as brushing, flossing, and eating a well-balanced diet, a good skin care routine should also be incorporated into habits for life.

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It’s never too early to practice good skin care. If your kids keep it up, or if you are a teen and take care of your skin with all natural skin care products, such as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, you will look amazing by the time you are in your 40’s.

While you may come from a family with exceptional genes, it may not help your skin when you get older, especially if you do not practice a good skin care routine. The way that your skin ages will depend quite a bit on your genetic makeup, however environmental factors, such as smoking and too much sun will age you faster than a 29 year old who has been taking care of his or skin for years.

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SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE recommends that you start your kids off with a simple yet effective good skin care routine in the morning and before bed. This will ensure that your kids are getting a good start when it comes to wrinkled and damaged skin.

Skin will begin to start aging when boys and girls are young. In fact, freckles are usually the first sign that your child has had too much exposure to the sun.

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Teaching good skin care to your kids when they are young should start with gentle cleansing and of course sun protection. It is quite easy to encourage young children about sun protection than it is to try to tell a teenager how bad an indoor tanning salon is.

If you would like to start teaching your children healthy habits order a skin care system from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE to help encourage your kids into practicing good skin care. Order your SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE products today.

Too Little Protein can Cause Wrinkly Skin

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If you are always on the go and find yourself neglecting your skin because of time, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE has the answer. When you purchase the organic skin care line of products online from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, all you need is five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night to keep your skin firm, healthy and glowing.

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Most people are aware that too much sun and not enough sleep can cause problems for your skin, but so can your diet.

If your meals contain foods that are known to cause inflammation such as margarine, vegetable oils, white bread, red meats, processed or sugary foods, your skin is not thanking you for it. Because these types of foods could cause inflammation, you could be accelerating wrinkles. If you want to prevent premature again, use a natural skin care product line, such as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, and load up on flaxseed, salmon, and avocados. Skip the canola, corn and sunflower oil and use coconut or olive oil instead as it can help your skin retain its soft and supple look.

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Every day it seems like scientists are coming up with more proof that you really are what you eat, and that is certainly the case with protein. Recent studies have indicated that too little protein could cause cracks, wrinkles, and tears in your skin. Try to eat at least one protein food every meal. If you are a vegetarian, there are plenty of foods such as beans, spinach, mushrooms, lentils, green peas, quinoa, nuts, nut butter, chickpeas, and tofu. Other great protein sources for vegetarians include tempeh, edamame, leafy greens, kale, hemp milk, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and non-dairy milk such as almond or coconut.

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When it comes to healthy skin, it is important that you watch what you eat, consume plenty of protein and practice good skin care habits using a natural skin care product such as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. Order your skin care system online today.

Broccoli May Prevent Skin Cancer

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You really are what you eat, especially when it comes to your skin. Recent research indicates that broccoli is not just good for the rest of your body, but can do wonders for your skin, especially when it comes to protecting the largest organ in your body from skin cancer.

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Everyone knows that eating vegetables will provide you and your body with wonderful health benefits, but researchers are now saying that broccoli could help prevent skin cancer when applied directly to your skin.

The Pharmacology Department Cancer Center at the University of Arizona teamed up with a research team from John Hopkins University to determine how compounds found in broccoli, mainly sulforaphane, may help prevent skin cancer.

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The American Cancer Society explains that skin cancer is the most dangerous of all cancers in the United States with over 3.5 million cases diagnosed each year. Too much sun is the main reason people get skin cancer, especially the most aggressive, malignant melanoma, and although more people are aware of the dangers, there are still too many cases diagnosed each year.

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The research with broccoli began back in 2005 when the team of researchers started looking for better ways to prevent deadly skin cancer. What the team discovered, is that sulforaphane, found in broccoli, is an excellent candidate when it comes to skin cancer prevention.

In a pilot study that has been conducted for the past two years, the team has been testing a topical broccoli sprout solution to determine how effective it is when skin has been exposed to artificial light. The solution is safe for both oral and topical administration and is proving to be successful with sulforaphane being used for many other applications as well.

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The research has already indicated that sulforaphane is effective when it comes to blocking sunburns as many cases have shown that it induces the protective enzymes in your skin.

What the research team is hoping for is that people who have a weak immune system will be able to use the sulforaphane solution topically to help reduce the risk of skin cancer.

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Of course, staying out of the sun, wearing a hat and protective clothing along with a sunscreen and a good skin care system, such as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, can also help tremendously in the fight against skin cancer. Order your natural skin care system from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today.

Little Known Facts for Healthy Skin


Most people take their skin for granted. However, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE wants to share some little known facts about the largest organ in the body.

  • When stretched, your healthy skin is two meters. That is about six and a half feet long.
  • Your skin accounts for about fifteen percent of your body weight.
  • There are two different types of skin, glabrous and hairy.
  • Everyone has three layers of skin. Epidermis the top layer, which is dead and waterproof, the middle layer called Dermis, which contains your sweat and hair glands, and the bottom layer called the Subcutis. Your Subcutis contains fat and large blood cells.
  • The thinnest skin is located on your eyelids, while the thickest skin is located on the soles of your feet.
  • Scar tissue does not have any sweat glands or hair follicles.
  • Your skin will renew itself every 28 days.
  • Every minute of every day, your healthy skin sheds 30,000 dead skin cells.
  • Sweat does not have an odor; it is the bacteria on your skin, when mixed with sweat that produces body odor.
  • Lipids are natural fats that keep the outer layer of your skin moist and healthy. Lipids can be destroyed if you use chemicals and alcohol on your healthy skin. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE natural skin care products do not contain alcohol or chemicals.
  • Your skin has its own bacteria microbiome with more than 1000 different species
  • You have more than 14 species of fungi that live in between your toes.
  • Human skin comes in a variety colors from all corners of the globe.
    Skin color comes from a protein known as melanin. Large cells, much like tentacles, known as melanocytes produce and distribute the melanin.
  • There are two types of melanin, Pheomelanin, which produces yellow to red skin color, and Eumelanin giving people dark brown to black skin. One in 10,000 people do not produce melanin having a condition known as albinism.
  • It takes up to six months for a baby to develop his or her permanent skin tone.
  • Acne is caused by an over production of the cells that line your sweat glands. One out of 20 women suffers from acne, while 1 in 80 men suffer from the same condition. A baby can sometimes get acne during the first few weeks of life.
  • For healthy skin, you need Vitamin A that can help treat both cellulite and sun damage, Vitamin D, which can help reduce growths and spots, and Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps to regenerate Vitamin E while providing sun protection for healthy skin. Healthy skin also needs a good natural skin care regime such as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, which contains all of the vitamins listed above.



If you want to take care of your healthy skin, order your natural skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today.

Can a Poor Diet Really Affect your Skin?

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If you have been dealing with uncontrollable breakouts lately, it could have something to do with your skin care products, your diet, or a combination of both. If you are using a skin care system that is loaded with chemicals, your skin could suffer. Add a poor diet to the mix, and you are really asking for trouble. Your skin is a reflection of the rest of your body and if you aren’t careful about what you put in your mouth, it will eventually affect how your skin looks and feels.

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40 years ago, studies indicated that there wasn’t a link between breakouts and a poor diet, but in recent years, new research is supporting a new way of thinking about diet and skin health.

One of the best ways to improve the health and tone of your skin is to watch your blood sugar. Keeping it steady is important if you want to keep insulin spikes under control. Pushing your blood sugar high and fast will create more insulin in your bloodstream, which may play a starring role when it comes to acne. Avoid processed sugars and try to eat smaller meals more often as it can help keep your insulin levels steady. Eat a diet that is loaded with vegetables, especially those that are bright and deep colored as they are loaded with antioxidants.


Although there is no direct link between acne and dairy, the theories are out there. Dr. F. William Danby explained back in 2008 that there could be a direct relation between the two because of the testosterone in milk. Dr. Danby, a skin expert, reported that testosterone might stimulate oil glands that could lead to acne. If you do cut back on dairy, make sure that you consult with your doctor as dairy is an important source of vitamin D and calcium that help build strong bones and teeth.


Fatty acids in the food that you eat can either dampen or support skin inflammation. Too much inflammation and your skin will suffer. Make sure that you are balancing out your omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids or you will notice an imbalance. Try using less canola, safflower, corn oil, and replace with olive or coconut oil. Buy eggs and beef that is grass fed and eat more mackerel and salmon, and don’t forget to include lots of healthy fruits and vegetables.

A good diet and healthy skin care routine go hand in hand, and if you want to get back on track order natural skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE now.

Skin Care Problems are Not Always Environmental


The environment does not always cause skin problems. In fact, skin problems can be a direct result of the food you eat and the products that you use on your skin.

Unfortunately, not all skin care companies use natural products, and instead fill their skin care products with chemicals that do not always agree with your skin. Even if the cleanser and moisturizer that you have used for years suddenly starts to irritate your skin; it could be the chemicals, even if there hasn’t been a formula change.


As you age, your body reacts differently to chemical substances, especially those that are applied to the face. Rashes can develop anywhere on your skin because your body has built up a tolerance to a particular chemical.

The natural and organic line of skin care products can help with all kinds of skin problems including rosacea and acne. If you suffer from hives due to stress or anxiety, the soothing healing herbal gel complex from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE may help with the itchiness.


Finding a good moisturizer for skin problems can almost be as frustrating as trying on a new swimsuit, but it does not have to be. Try the natural and organic moisturizers from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE if you are dealing with oily skin after you apply your moisturizer. Your moisturizer should soak into your skin, not just lay there like some of the chemically enhanced moisturizers.

When you purchase a natural and organic skin care system from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, you can be assured that every product works together to keep your skin soft and smooth.


When you start using a SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE skincare system for skin problems, you may notice an improvement in as little as two weeks thanks to the healing properties in the herbs that you will find in the natural and organic line of skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

Order your natural skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today.