Moisturizers Lotions Is The World’s Best Kept Secret!

Moisturizers Lotions is my favorite place to shop on the web. The skin care products are amazing, and I cannot believe how great my skin looks and feels. I was lucky enough to discover Southwest Sunshine at the Mesa Market Swap Meet in Arizona, but thanks to the wonder of the internet, you can buy it direct.

The prices are extremely affordable. In fact, you can buy an entire Herbal System for under $100.00. These days most chemically enhanced moisturizers that you buy from a department store could run you well over $65.00, just for the moisturizer!

 Southwest Sunshine has an awesome reputation. I was visiting a friend the other day that is going through radiation and chemotherapy and she told me about a great new gel and herbal lotion that was recommended by her radiation therapist. Her skin has been dry, itchy, and quite painful, and she has been using it for a couple of weeks. She uses both together because the lotion locks in the healing effects of the gel and helps moisturize the skin. We both had to have a chuckle when she mentioned that the gel was called Southwest Sunshine. Becky thought it was her little secret. She was quite surprised when I told her that the company has been around for 32 years! Southwest Sunshine is a product that should be in everyone’s bathroom cabinet.

The gel is perfect for burns, cuts, and even acne as it heals, soothes, and calms the skin, which speeds up the natural cell replacement process. The gel quickly absorbs into the deep layers of your skins’ tissue, and is perfect for all skin types, includes those who have sensitive or visibly irritated skin. 

What I really love about Southwest Sunshine is that the gel is the base for all of their products including moisturizer, lotions, make-up, and skin care products. I wouldn’t use any other product on my skin, and neither should you.


I love Moisturizer Lotions From Southwest Sunshine And Now I Am A Distributor

Moisturizer Lotions has the best skin care products in the world, and if you are like me, you want to get the best possible products at prices you can afford.

Southwest Sunshine uses natural herbs that are actually good for your skin. Unfortunately, most companies use chemicals to enhance their moisturizers, and worse yet, test on animals, but not Moisturizer Lotions. Every product that they sell is made naturally without harsh additives. I buy all of my lotions from Southwest Sunshine and am amazed at the results after just a couple of weeks.

I have been so happy with the herbal skincare products from Southwest Sunshine that I decided to become a distributor. After working nine to five for so many years, I was thrilled when I discovered this great opportunity and I have never looked back.

Southwest Sunshine Products have a proven direct marketing approach for lotions and moisturizers, and best of all the money back guarantee is extended to distributors and each and every one of our loyal customers.

The training materials enable me to build and run my business. I work for myself, and if I add other representatives to my tree can earn an increased profit margin. I feel like I am the CEO of a huge company without having to leave the comfort of my own home.

As an independent distributor, I get the same quality, herbal skin care products that the Marchant family has provided for over 25 years. Previously these great herbal products were only available at retail companies and salons, but now they are available under the Southwest Sunshine label with their packaging. The entire herbal collection is offered at wholesale prices to distributors and customers!

Honestly, I have tried every skincare product on the market, and nothing works like Southwest Sunshine. The moisturizer makes my skin look years younger and the lotions are mild enough for people of all ages. If you haven’t already tried Southwest Sunshine you are missing out!