Nourish Your Skin with SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE


Nourishing your skin with all natural products is easy when you use the herbal family skincare line from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. Every product has been developed to work synergistically with the other giving you amazing results in as little as thirty days. Most people who use the all-natural herbal family skincare line from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE begin to see a difference after just two weeks.


SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE is an incredible line of all natural products that was developed in 1980 combining Arnica Flowers, Rosemary Leaves, Comfrey Leaves, Aloe Vera Gel, Jaborandi Leaves, Watercress, Allantoin, Saponins, and Chamomile Flowers. Preserved with Grapefruit Seed Extract the all-natural herbal family skin care line from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE really does work, and best of all, it is affordable because SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE has done away with expensive packaging passing the savings on to you.


Rosemary and Watercress will soften even the roughest skin, and if you have calluses on your hands and feet, you will notice a huge difference. The Arnica Flowers in the products are perfect for bee stings, poison oak, and poison ivy. You will have immediate relief if you are suffering from mosquito bites or sunburn as the Chamomile will take care of your puffy eyes. Aloe Vera and Arnica help to promote healing and works on even the most sensitive skin.


The Healing Herbal Gel from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE works on burns, rashes, irritated skin, sunburns and acne prone skin, and is the base of all of the skincare products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. If you have been exposed to radiation or chemotherapy, the Healing Herbal Gel can help soothe your skin.

Every product from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE is offered with a 60-day unconditional 100% satisfaction money back guarantee and works on the most sensitive skin. All of the products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE are free from mineral and animal oils, lanolin and perfumes, and unlike some skin care products, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE is never tested on animals.



If you have been neglecting your skin, order a skin care system from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE and you will be amazed at the results.

Refresh and Renew with SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE


Spring is just around the corner, March 20 to be exact, and that means new growth, renewal, rebirth, and rejuvenation, especially where your skin is concerned.

The winter months can be extremely hard on your skin, but you do not have to resort to expensive moisturizers and lotions to get soft and supple skin.


SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE has been helping people all over the planet improve the look and feel of the largest organ in the body, your skin, and because SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE does not use expensive packaging, you can afford to take care of your skin with all-natural products that are suitable for all skin types, even if you have sensitive skin.


The family skin care line from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE includes everything you need to get your skin back into shape this spring, especially the affordable Skin Care Systems, which include The System, The Spa System, and The Works.

The Works is an incredible Skin Care System from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE that feeds the skin and includes the Herbal Gel, Facial Cleanser and the Herbal Moisturizing Lotion + SP15. The Works also includes the Therapy Shave Gel, Chamomile Eye and Lip Cream, the Facial Moisturizer and the RENEW Alpha Hydroxy. If that is not enough, The Works also contains the Herbal Protein Lift Mask and the Herbal Mask Activator. Order today and you can save an amazing $22.50 on the Works Skin Care System.

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Spend 5 minutes a day on your skin with SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, and you will be amazed at the results. The SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE products work because they have been developed, tested, and created to work with one another. When you use the entire skin care system, you can expect to see amazing results in as little as two weeks. After 30 days, your skin will feel smoother and those wrinkles that have been bothering you will begin to diminish.

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Start taking care of your skin and spring into action with SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today.

Kissable Lips this Valentine’s Day with SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE


I have never been one for lipstick. Sure, I wear it because it looks good, but I’ve never been able to find a brand that stays on my lips. I suppose one advantage was that I never had to worry about which glass was mine at a party because my lipstick seemed to leave its mark wherever I went, but thanks to SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, that has certainly changed.

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Valentine’s Day has always been special to me and my man, and of course, like every woman, I want to look great when we step out on the town so a couple of months ago I ordered some lipsticks from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, and boy was I impressed, and still am!


SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE lipsticks are easy to use and contain sunscreen; Vitamin E and Aloe Vera and best of all you can create your own colors by mixing them together.

When I got my lipsticks, I was intrigued as the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE lipsticks don’t look like other brands, and that is where the magic begins. Apply the black and it changes to a deep berry while the green changes to a dusty rose. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE’S white lipstick changes to light pink and the blue will give you violet mauve lips. I love all the colors, but will probably wear the red, which stays a clear red, with a copper as a topper for Valentine’s Day. Believe it or not, I can even wear orange as it changes to red coral. The raisin is an interesting topper as well and looks amazing when used over the green lipstick, which as I said before, changes to a gorgeous shade of dusty rose.


I love all of the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE lipsticks and am amazed at the different color combinations you can achieve just by mixing. I can make my lips darker, lighter, bolder, or brighter, and because they are used sparingly, I know that I will get my money’s worth, unlike some of those pricier brands that I have bought in the past.


This Valentine’s Day treat yourself and your Valentine to kissable lips with SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE’s lipsticks. You will never have to worry about drinking, eating, or kissing with lipstick on again.

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE Can Help with Shingles


Although most people believe that shingles is a virus that only affects seniors, it could not be further from the truth. If you have had chicken pox, you have the shingles virus, and if you are over the age of 50, or have a weakened immune system you have a greater chance of contracting the virus.

Shingles is painful skin rash that often appears in a strip, band, or a small area on the body or the side of the face, but there is relief available, thanks to SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. The Herbal Healing gel from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE can help soothe the rash.

chickenpoxShingles occurs when chickenpox decides to wake from its dormant state. If you had chickenpox when you were a child, you never really got rid of it as it lies dormant waiting to wake up with aging, stress, or disease weakening the immune system. Some medications can also trigger shingles. It is unclear as to why the virus causes shingles, and not chickenpox once it decides to, “Wake up.”


Shingles do not happen overnight, but rather in stages. You may feel like you are getting the flu. Other symptoms may include sensitivity to light and headaches. The second stage is where the tingling, itching and pain begin in one area. The strip, band, or small area where the rash begins after a few days will turn into blisters. Once those blisters begin to heal scars could occur, and that is when you need the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE Herbal Healing Gel.


The Herbal Healing Gel from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE is all-natural and can soothe the shingles rash. It is calming and healing herbs work together to expedite healing and help speed up the natural cell replacement process, and because it is ph balanced is quickly absorbed into the skin.

If you have shingles, order the all-natural Herbal Healing Gel from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today.

Moisturizers and Lotions through the Ages


Moisturizers and lotions have been around since the dawn of man with the earliest use dating back about 10,000 years. In historical perspective that would be about 3500 BC.

Back then, the only ingredients that were available for moisturizers and lotions were natural. Women in Latin America preferred avocado on their skin, while African and Brazilian tribes favored palm oil. Because of the harsh conditions, Native Americans used animal fat as a moisturizer to keep themselves insulated and of course, for soft and supple skin.


Thousands of years ago, the Greeks used olive oil on their skin. In fact, Homer wrote about Queen of the Gods Hera anointing herself with perfumed olive oil prior to her seduction of Zeus.

The Sumerians made emollients, or lotions, from minerals, as well as animal fat or pulverized plants combined with tree and wine oils before application. Cleopatra was known for her tried and true beauty products and secrets with sesame and olive oil being at the top of her skin care list.


After the Industrial Revolution, chemical products began to be used in moisturizers and lotions. Ingredients like petroleum jelly were quickly added replacing natural products that had been used for centuries.

Today there are millions of moisturizers and lotions claiming to reduce wrinkles and improve the look and feel of your skin, but sadly, most of those products contain chemicals with some manufacturers testing their products on animals, but not SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.


SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE has been making all natural family skin care products for more than 30 years. Just like the Ancient Egyptians, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE believes in the power of Mother Earth using herbs such as Arnica and Aloe Vera. The SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE Herbal Gel, which is the basis for all of the skin care products in the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE family skin care line also includes Rosemary Leaves, Comfrey Leaves, Watercress, Chamomile Flowers, Jaborandi Leaves, Arnica Flowers, Aloe Vera Gel, Sponins, Allatonin, and P.C.A., D-L Panthenol and is also preserved with Grapefruit Seed Extract.


The SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE Herbal Gel is perfect for itching, sunburns, cuts, burns, insect bites and will even help soothe poison oak and poison ivy. The gel has helped thousands of people soothe eczema, psoriasis, and rosaeca thanks to the all-natural ingredients in every SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE family skin care product.

Feed your skin the right way with natural moisturizers and lotions at prices that everyone can afford from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.