Cold Remedies for your Tummy

Cold Remedies

Chicken Soup

Cold remedies aren’t just in the cold and flu aisle. You can find cold remedies at home in your kitchen. It’s not just because your mom said so. Studies show that chicken soup helps with congestion and can clear nasal passages much better than other types of hot liquids. Chicken soup also has anti-inflammatory effects that could help other cold symptoms as well.

Cold Remedies


Vitamin C can help with the common cold and is common when it comes to cold remedies, but unfortunately, it will not stop you from catching one. Vitamin C can help if you are constantly around people who are often sick, but if you take it right before you notice any symptoms, it may help you get rid of your cold quicker.

Cold Remedies

Fight the Germs

Cranberries, green tea, broccoli, kale, blueberries, and red onions all contain powerful antioxidants and although the study is fairly new, the researchers could be on to something.

Cold Remedies

Heat it up

Although they can’t cure the common cold, chili peppers can give your nasal passages the all clear making you feel much better. Peppers contain capsaicin, which has been proven to help clear a stuffy nose.

Cold Remedies


Hot ginger tea is great if you are nursing a bad or even mild cold, but you don’t have to wait until you are sick to drink it. Some studies show that the spicy root may be helpful in preventing the virus by blocking it.

Cold Remedies


Although some people believe that dairy should be avoided when you have a runny or stuffy nose, there isn’t much evidence to support the claim. If you crave ice cream or a cold glass of milk because you have a sore throat, go ahead and enjoy.


Researchers believe that garlic is another one of the great cold remedies contains some things that could help fight a cold, but are still figuring out how that happens. However, early studies are quite promising. Whatever makes it work, it may be helpful to enjoy a few extra cloves if you are sick.

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How To Get more Vitamin K

vitamin k

Vitamins and minerals are essential for a healthy body, but how do you know if you are getting enough? According to SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, vitamin K is an essential nutrient needed to help bones grow and blood clot.

Vitamin K has been shown to prevent osteoporosis while helping protect against heart disease. Getting enough vitamin K is essential, but more than two-thirds of Americans aren’t getting what they need.

Below are a few ways that you can boost your vitamin K intake.

vitamin k

Leafy Greens

As Popeye says, spinach is good for your body and your skin. Collards, mustard greens, and kale are at the top of the charts for vitamin K intake. Cooked kale is a powerhouse loaded with 550 micrograms of vitamin K in just a half a cup.

vitamin k


When it comes to the best source of vitamin K, you can’t beat vegetables. Roasted broccoli and Brussels sprouts are loaded with Vitamin K. Other great vegetable choices include frozen okra, asparagus, scallions, green cabbage, and raw watercress. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE recommends that you add some parsley to your meal as well for a quick vitamin K boost.

vitamin k


Although fruits aren’t usually known for their vitamin K content, some can give you a quick dose. Snack on green apples and you’ll get 60 micrograms while a half a cup of pitted prunes will give you 50 micrograms. Although grapes and blueberries only have 11 and 14 micrograms respectively, they are easy to enjoy.

vitamin k

Go Nutty

Packed with healthy oils, fiber, protein and other nutrients that can help keep your heart strong and fight inflammation, mixed nuts, cashews and particularly pine nuts, will give you a nice shot of the vitamin. Add pine nuts to a salad or pasta dish and indulge on mixed nuts or cashews for a healthy midday snack.

vitamin k


Eating fish, especially salmon, twice a week or more is recommended by the American Heart Association and is loaded with protein, healthy oils and minerals that can help lower your blood pressure while warding off stroke and heart attack. Cooked shrimp and salmon have small amounts of the vitamin, but a can of tuna in oil with give you 37 micrograms for every three-ounce serving.

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