Is Your Water Harming your Skin?


If your skin has been unusually dry, it could have something to do with your water. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE explains that there are two types of water, soft and hard, and although you may have heard this before, you probably do not know how these types of water can affect your skin.

Soft water has very little in the way of mineral deposits, making it great for your skin, but hard water is loaded with lots of minerals, specifically magnesium and calcium making hard water really bad for your skin.

Places such as the Southwest, especially in California, Nevada, and Arizona and Texas have hard water; in fact, it could be some of the hardest in the United States. Following closely behind is the regions in the Great Lakes, Tennessee, the Midwest, and some portions of the Pacific Northwest. Some experts believe that nearly 85 percent of the United States has water that is moderately hard.

Hard water causes skin irritation with flaking, dehydration, and sometimes breakouts. When you wash your skin with hard water, you are literally washing your face and your body with microscopic tiny rocks from the earth.

If you get that squeaky-clean feeling after you have washed your face and your body, your skin really isn’t as clean as you might think. What it does mean is that you have now put a layer of minerals on your face that will only worsen every time you wash with the same water.

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE explains that you can test your own tap water if you check your products. The less lather, the harder your tap water. If your bathtub has a crusty ring around it, it means that that hard water residue has been left behind. That same crust is still on your skin as well. Leave a tablespoon of water into a glass for an hour or so until it evaporates. If you are left with a white film that is grainy, you have hard water.

If you have hard water, try using bottled water. Of course, it is impossible to shower with bottled water, and that is where SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE comes in. The all-natural Herbal Healing Gel followed by the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE herbal moisturizer can help combat the affects of hard water.

Hard water isn’t a death sentence for your skin thanks to SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. Order your products today.