Fresh Bread Could Be To Blame on Thanksgiving

fresh bread

The smell of fresh bread is hard for most to resist. However as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE explains, bread isn’t always your friend, but unfortunately, the delicious diet staple is surrounded by myths.

Eating Bread will make you Fat

When enjoyed in moderation, fresh bread will not make you fat. In fact, nutritionists recommend bread as part of a balanced diet. Most nutritionists recommend that you avoid white bread as it is stripped of fiber, minerals, and vitamins during refining. Fiber found in whole grains helps satisfy and can curb the appetite.

Gluten Free is Healthier

There is no guarantee that the loaf of fresh bread you brought home from the health food store is actually healthy. If truth were told, gluten free bread is higher in sugar and packed with other not so good for you additives such as cornstarch and xanthan gum. Go for whole food alternatives such as rice, chia, flax, and quinoa or buckwheat breads if you don’t agree with gluten.

Not Always the Healthier Choice

Many types of whole meal and brown bread contain high levels of sugar, even higher than white bread. Bread makers add it to make the bread tastier. Caramel and treacle can also be added to the mix. Always read your labels before you put that bread in your cart.

Bad for Blood Sugar

Highly refined white bread on its own can cause a spike in blood sugar levels dropping just as fast. This will lead to cravings and low energy levels. Slather your bread with nut butter, cheese, butter, or hummus, which will accelerate the absorption rate into the bloodstream.

Bread and Bloating

Bloating can’t be narrowed down with bread being the culprit for many people. However, several factors could be at play, especially if you buy your bread from a commercial manufacturer and not an Artisan fresh bread baker.

Most commercial bakeries use a process called Chorleywood. This produces fast and cheap bread using flour improving agents and enzymes that many can be allergic or sensitive to. You may find that Artisan breads are fine, but commercial brands bloat you, just as some find wheat hard to digest, but are able to tolerate spelt or rye bread.

This Thanksgiving enjoy, but pay attention to how fresh bread affects you so that you can get a heads up for Christmas dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE!