The Only Mask and Activator You’ll Ever Need


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If your face doesn’t need a mask this Halloween it could be time to do something about your weathered looking skin whether you are suffering from red, blotchy skin or want to reduce the appearance of fine lines, the Mask and Activator from Southwest Sunshine can help you achieve and maintain healthier looking skin. It’s good to be spooky on Halloween as long as you are wearing a mask.


The skincare line of natural products from Southwest Sunshine can take you from haggard and hapless to soft and smooth in a few short weeks. Once you start using the Mask and Activator along with the rest of the line of natural skin care products from Southwest Sunshine you will begin to look and feel 10 years younger.

It all starts with the Healing Herbal Gel. This fantastic Herbal Gel is the base for the entire line of skin care products from Southwest Sunshine with its heavy concentration of Aloe, Arnica and other healing herbs.


If you want to see results now start with the Protein Lift Mask that contains an exclusive salon formula made with natural proteins and a combination of herbs. Week after week the Protein Lift Mask with gradually tighten and tone your face and neck as it stimulates and deeply cleans giving you fantastic results. Along with the Protein Lift Mask is the Herbal Activator, which must be purchased with the Protein Lift Mask.


The Protein Lift Mask when mixed with the Herbal Mask Activator creates the best tightening and firming natural mask. The Goldenseal in the mask disinfects and tightens pores giving you a healthy glow.

Not only does the Protein Lift Mask and Activator firm and tighten your facial tissue, but when combined are an excellent remedy for acne prone skin. The, “Miracle Mask,” from Southwest Sunshine gives you that radiant glow by bringing the blood back to the surface of your skin.



The last week of October is time to celebrate as Southwest Sunshine is offering a, “Spooktcular,” 10 percent off on the Protein Lift Mask and Activator. Act now and get rid of that Halloween Mask forever with the Protein Lift Mask and Activator only available from Southwest Sunshine.