Moisturizer Lotions For Every Skin Type

Moisturizer Lotions from Southwest Sunshine are amazing. I was thrilled when I received my order, and couldn’t wait to try all of my new products.

Just like last time, I had been spending too much time in the sun, so the first thing I did was apply the gel. My face and shoulders felt instant relief. After I couple of minutes I looked in the mirror, and I swear I looked 10 years younger! No need for plastic surgery when you have Southwest Sunshine!

After I applied the gel, I put on the moisturizer, which contains the base gel of Arnica, Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Comfrey, Watercress, Jaborandi, Allantoin, Sapanonis, and some other really great ingredients. I can use my new moisturizer day and night on my face, hands, body, and feet. Best of all, it contains a PABA free, approximate Sp15 sunscreen. I applied the moisturizer before I put on my make-up and I didn’t notice any flaking, which is always the case with other moisturizers that I have tried.

After I got home from work, I was thrilled. My face didn’t look oily, and my make-up looked as fresh as it had when I applied it 9 hours earlier! The base of the moisturizer doesn’t coat my skin the way that other products do because it doesn’t contain mineral or animal oil. What I really like about the moisturizer is that a little goes a long way and it is so affordable!

I always like to take my make-up off when I get home from work so I was excited to try out the Southwest Sunshine Herbal Facial Cleanser. It’s a creamy cleanser, which I really like. I have tried those alcohol-based cleansers before and they may have taken off the make-up, but they also dried out my skin! The cleanser removed all of my make-up, excess oil, and impurities. After cleansing, I applied the Herbal Facial Moisturizer, which felt like heaven, but I will tell you more about that later!