Moisturizers and Lotions through the Ages


Moisturizers and lotions have been around since the dawn of man with the earliest use dating back about 10,000 years. In historical perspective that would be about 3500 BC.

Back then, the only ingredients that were available for moisturizers and lotions were natural. Women in Latin America preferred avocado on their skin, while African and Brazilian tribes favored palm oil. Because of the harsh conditions, Native Americans used animal fat as a moisturizer to keep themselves insulated and of course, for soft and supple skin.


Thousands of years ago, the Greeks used olive oil on their skin. In fact, Homer wrote about Queen of the Gods Hera anointing herself with perfumed olive oil prior to her seduction of Zeus.

The Sumerians made emollients, or lotions, from minerals, as well as animal fat or pulverized plants combined with tree and wine oils before application. Cleopatra was known for her tried and true beauty products and secrets with sesame and olive oil being at the top of her skin care list.


After the Industrial Revolution, chemical products began to be used in moisturizers and lotions. Ingredients like petroleum jelly were quickly added replacing natural products that had been used for centuries.

Today there are millions of moisturizers and lotions claiming to reduce wrinkles and improve the look and feel of your skin, but sadly, most of those products contain chemicals with some manufacturers testing their products on animals, but not SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.


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The SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE Herbal Gel is perfect for itching, sunburns, cuts, burns, insect bites and will even help soothe poison oak and poison ivy. The gel has helped thousands of people soothe eczema, psoriasis, and rosaeca thanks to the all-natural ingredients in every SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE family skin care product.

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