Kissable Lips this Valentine’s Day with SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE


I have never been one for lipstick. Sure, I wear it because it looks good, but I’ve never been able to find a brand that stays on my lips. I suppose one advantage was that I never had to worry about which glass was mine at a party because my lipstick seemed to leave its mark wherever I went, but thanks to SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, that has certainly changed.

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Valentine’s Day has always been special to me and my man, and of course, like every woman, I want to look great when we step out on the town so a couple of months ago I ordered some lipsticks from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, and boy was I impressed, and still am!


SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE lipsticks are easy to use and contain sunscreen; Vitamin E and Aloe Vera and best of all you can create your own colors by mixing them together.

When I got my lipsticks, I was intrigued as the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE lipsticks don’t look like other brands, and that is where the magic begins. Apply the black and it changes to a deep berry while the green changes to a dusty rose. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE’S white lipstick changes to light pink and the blue will give you violet mauve lips. I love all the colors, but will probably wear the red, which stays a clear red, with a copper as a topper for Valentine’s Day. Believe it or not, I can even wear orange as it changes to red coral. The raisin is an interesting topper as well and looks amazing when used over the green lipstick, which as I said before, changes to a gorgeous shade of dusty rose.


I love all of the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE lipsticks and am amazed at the different color combinations you can achieve just by mixing. I can make my lips darker, lighter, bolder, or brighter, and because they are used sparingly, I know that I will get my money’s worth, unlike some of those pricier brands that I have bought in the past.


This Valentine’s Day treat yourself and your Valentine to kissable lips with SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE’s lipsticks. You will never have to worry about drinking, eating, or kissing with lipstick on again.