You Don’t Have to Live with Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes not only make you look tired, but can also age you. Thankfully, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE has some tips that may help your puffy eyes.

If you add salt to nearly every meal, it could be responsible for your puffy eyes. Water will make its way from just about any part of your body that is lacking in sodium traveling to those parts that have the most. Your eyes are the perfect example, especially if your dinner was over loaded with salt. A salty meal before you go to bed will always give you puffy eyes in the morning.

If you have allergies, you are probably dealing with puffy eyes as well. Allergy season and puffy, water eyes nearly always go together. However, there are medications available over the counter that can help with your puffy eyes and runny nose.

Get yourself a neti pot. Much like a tiny little teapot, it works by pouring salt water in your nostril while it drains out of the opposite nostril. Although it might sound rather strange, it does help flush out extra moisture that may be causing your puffy eyes.

The way you sleep could have something to do with your puffy eyes. Try switching from your stomach, as fluid can collect causing baggy eyes. Try sleeping on your back and add another pillow.

Never wear your makeup to bed. Cleanse with an all-natural skin care product from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE to avoid watery, red, and puffy eyes.

Cut out the alcohol at night. An occasional glass of wine won’t do you any harm, but do not overdo it. Alcohol will pull out the water in your skin weakening the area around your eyes. If you do over indulge, make sure that you drink plenty of water before retiring and use an all natural eye cream and moisturizer from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

You may slather on the sunscreen, but if you aren’t using it to protect your face, you may have puffy eyes 24/7. Too much sunshine can make your eyes puffy and wrinkle the skin around them. Wear sunglasses, use sunscreen, and don’t forget a hat.

Smoking is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to puffy eyes as it dries and weakens your skin causing wrinkled, puffy, and droopy eyes. Kick the habit and your skin will thank you for it.

Try a good all natural eye cream from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE that can help reduce eye puffiness. Not only is the lip and eye cream loaded with herbs that really do work, but it can also help with dark circles and puffy eyes.

Thanks to the all-natural line of organic skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, you don’t have to deal with puffy eyes. Order your lip and eye cream or an entire skin care system online today.