The Only Moisturizer Lotions I Will Ever Use

 Moisturizer Lotions from Southwest Sunshine is the only product that I use on my skin. I have been using the entire skincare range since the middle of July and the results just keep getting better! We have had a real Indian summer this year and if it were not for the Moisturizer Lotions that I buy online from Southwest Sunshine, I would be looking at least 10 years older than I actually am.

Thanks to the all-natural and affordable Moisturizers Lotions my skin looks as if I spend all day indoors, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Every morning I head down to the pool for a swim. The chlorine is really drying, but thanks to my Southwest Sunshine skincare regimen, you would never know that I even knew how to swim!

Every morning I give my face a good scrub with the herbal facial cleanser. I love the fact that it is free from perfumes, color and dyes, and is all-natural. It is so easy to use, and activates with water. The best thing about the herbal facial cleanser is that it dissolves make-up and mascara, so I don’t have to use any of those chemically based make-up removers.  After I cleanse I apply the soothing herbal gel that gives my skin a great base for the herbal facial moisturizer. This product is excellent for repairing facial tissue, and helps firm, tone, and hydrates my skin. I top that off with my herbal moisturizing lotion which has a built in SP-15 sunscreen. I love the fact that my Moisturizer Lotions from Southwest Sunshine are not greasy, or sticky. I apply my make-up over the top for a perfect finish.

I am so happy with the, “Works Skincare System.” It includes the Facial Cleanser, Herbal Gel, Herbal Moisturizing Lotion +SP15, the Therapy Shave Gel, Chamomile Eye and Lip Cream, the Facial Moisturizer, the, “RENEW,” Alpha Hydroxy, the Herbal Protein Lift Mask, and the Herbal Mask Activator.