Sleep Issues Could Cause Insomnia

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When you age, your body will naturally produce lower levels of your growth hormones. When this occurs you will likely notice a decrease in your deep sleep, also known as slow wave sleep, which produces less melatonin meaning your sleep, will be more fragmented causing an increase in rapid sleep cycles. When you age, you will also wake up more frequently when you sleep.

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Your internal clock, known as your circadian rhythm also changes. This means that you will want to wake up earlier and go to sleep earlier as well.

When you age, you may find yourself spending more time in bed during the evening hours in order to get the sleep that you require, or you may end up taking naps during the day to make up for the shortfall. In the majority of cases, the sleep changes that occur when you age are normal and don’t usually indicate a problem. However, there are some problems that are not related to age and sleeping that you should be aware of.

Although sleeping problems can occur regardless of your age, you may be dealing with a sleep disorder if you:

• Have trouble sleeping even if tired
• Unable to fall back asleep if you are awakened
• Feeling sleepy or irritable during the day
• Un-refreshed when you wake up
• Fall asleep while watching TV or driving
• Difficult concentrating during waking hours
• Rely on alcohol or sleeping pills to fall asleep
• Trouble controlling emotions

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Most cases of insomnia are treatable and include stress, depression, anxiety, daily habits, and even your environment. If you can identify those triggers, you may be able to sleep better at night.

The most common sleep problems in older adults include irregular bedtime hours, alcohol consumption before falling asleep and falling asleep with the television on. Other causes of insomnia could also be related to medical conditions or chronic pain. Lack of exercise, sadness, or anxiety can also cause sleep problems.

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If you are having trouble sleeping, try to improve your daytime habits by engaging yourself in activities that are more social with family and friends. If you are retired, volunteer, enroll in an adult education class, or join a senior’s group.

Try improving your mind with a positive outlook and mood that can help reduce your sleep problems. If you have trouble, try finding a person that you can share your worries and problems with.

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Take in regular exercise, as it will release mood-boosting endorphins while reducing anxiety, stress, and depression.

Expose yourself to at least two hours or more of sunlight each day as it can help regulate your melatonin levels. Keep your curtains and shades open to take in some of that much-needed Vitamin D.

When you look after yourself with a healthy diet and good skin care regime, such as the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE all natural skin care line, you will be able to sleep better at night.