Healing Therapy And a Moisturizer In One

Moisturizer Lotions are not created equal, and if you are like me, you have probably tried at least a dozen lotions and potions. Honestly, I have never found one that really worked. Most of them are greasy, while others make my skin feel dry. This has always puzzled me as moisturizers are supposed to make your skin feel soft and supple.

I had already given up hope, until a friend told me about a product called Southwest Sunshine that she discovered at the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet. I was a bit dubious when Melissa started raving about it, but I was curious at the same time. She brought over the gel, which is the base of all of the products, and the moisturizing lotion.

My skepticism quickly disappeared the minute I put a drop on the back of my hand. The gel felt so cool, and it wasn’t greasy at all…I was nursing a sunburned face from gardening, and decided to try the gel on my forehead and cheeks. The combination of the herbs that it contains, Arnica, Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Comfrey, Watercress, Jaborandi, Allantoin, Sapanonis, and a whole bunch of other great ingredients work wonders on burns, cuts, insect bites and abrasions. The minute I massaged the Southwest Sunshine Gel into my skin I felt relief. The Herbal Gel speeds up natural cell replacement and expedites healing. Because it absorbs so quickly my sunburn disappeared almost before my eyes.

I applied the moisturizer, which utilizes the gel as the base ingredient, and was blown away. My face wasn’t greasy, and it blended perfectly with the gel that I had just applied.

Melissa was right, and I am waiting for my first order to arrive in the mail. Not only did I order the gel and the moisturizer, but I decided to get some of the other products as well…I cannot wait for my order to arrive, and will definitely keep you posted!