Moisturizer Lotions Work Great For Your Animals

Moisturizer Lotions from Southwest Sunshine are not just for people. They also work great on pets, and I don’t mean just cats and dogs!

 My husband and I own a small farm and have quite a few animals. Chickens, cows, sheep, horses, and even a couple of goats! We actually have a few ducks that have started to get closer to the house. In fact, one of them even walks right into the kitchen. It was actually Daffy; our new pet duck that made us realize how great the Herbal Gel from Southwest Sunshine is for animals.

 Daffy was making her usual trip into the kitchen one day when we noticed a problem with one of her feet. She was actually limping. My husband Ben picked her up and pulled out a thorn. Needless to say, it started to bleed. I always keep a bottle of Southwest Sunshine’s Healing Herbal Gel in the kitchen as it works great on burns and cuts and is an excellent moisturizer and lotion for my chapped hands. I grabbed the gel and put it on Daffy’s foot and when Ben put her on the floor, she stopped limping! I know the gel works great, but I had no idea that it would be so excellent for my animals.

 Because the gel is so inexpensive, I ordered a couple of bottles for the barn. Just last week our pet potbelly pig Lilac spent a couple of hours too long in the sun. I applied the Herbal Gel and it worked almost immediately. We actually told our vet about the gel. He was so thrilled with the results that he uses it after surgery as it helps assist healing and stops itching. 

 If you have animals, order a couple of bottles of Herbal Gel from Southwest Sunshine. Your pets will thank-you for it, and it just might save you a trip to the vet.