Healing Herbal Gel Can Soothe Chemo and Radiation Side Effects


Southwest Sunshine has seen its share of breast cancer patients and has helped thousands of people with its amazing Herbal Gel, which is a blend of calming, healing, soothing, and softening herbs that work together to help heal the cells of your skin, expediting the entire healing process. Although treatment for cancer varies, patients who opt for chemotherapy and radiation have to deal with dry, red, and itchy skin.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month with people all over the world thinking pink for the entire month.


Although most people are under the impression that breast cancer only occurs in women, men are just as susceptible to breast cancer. In 2013, the American Cancer Society estimates that there will be over 230,000 new cases of breast cancer. Although it is rare, over 2,500 men will be detected with the disease during the same year.

Those who undergo chemotherapy and radiation for cancer may experience temporary pigment changes including tanning or redness. Because doctors recommend against using cosmetics, lotions, or perfumes on the areas that have been treated, it is best to use a completely natural product.


The Herbal Gel from Southwest Sunshine is non-oily and is absorbed deeply and quickly into your skin. Because it is excellent for most types of burns and reducing redness it is perfect for people who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for cancer. Herbal Gel will not irritate your eyes or scalp and because men, women and children who have had radiation or chemotherapy have to deal with hair loss, it is important to keep the scalp free from irritation, redness and itching.

The Southwest Sunshine Herbal Gel is perfect for all skin types, age groups, and ethnicities, and it is great for your pets as well.


The Herbal Gel is the base for the entire line of Southwest Sunshine skin care products. Loaded with Aloe Vera Gel, Arnica Flowers, Rosemary and Comfrey Leaves, Jaborandi Leaves, Chamomile Flowers and Watercress, the Herbal Gel is preserved with Grapefruit Seed Extract and is completely natural.


The soothing and healing Herbal Gel does wonders for cancer patients, but also has many other uses including sunburn, insect bites, cuts, burns and poison oak and poison ivy. Use it daily on the largest organ in your body as it assists in clearing acne when used alongside the Herbal Cleanser and Renew. The Herbal Gel also makes an excellent toner and conditioner.

Other uses include skin irritations from permanent make-up and tattoos, laser or chemically treated AHA’s and Micro-Dermabrasion. People who have Rosacea, eczema and psoriasis have noticed a significant improvement after using the all-natural herbal gel to reduce redness and sensitivity.

When it comes to pro-active care and skin care treatment for cancer, the all-natural Herbal Healing Gel from Southwest Sunshine really works, and best of all, it is very affordable.

Moisturizer Lotions Work Great For Your Animals

Moisturizer Lotions from Southwest Sunshine are not just for people. They also work great on pets, and I don’t mean just cats and dogs!

 My husband and I own a small farm and have quite a few animals. Chickens, cows, sheep, horses, and even a couple of goats! We actually have a few ducks that have started to get closer to the house. In fact, one of them even walks right into the kitchen. It was actually Daffy; our new pet duck that made us realize how great the Herbal Gel from Southwest Sunshine is for animals.

 Daffy was making her usual trip into the kitchen one day when we noticed a problem with one of her feet. She was actually limping. My husband Ben picked her up and pulled out a thorn. Needless to say, it started to bleed. I always keep a bottle of Southwest Sunshine’s Healing Herbal Gel in the kitchen as it works great on burns and cuts and is an excellent moisturizer and lotion for my chapped hands. I grabbed the gel and put it on Daffy’s foot and when Ben put her on the floor, she stopped limping! I know the gel works great, but I had no idea that it would be so excellent for my animals.

 Because the gel is so inexpensive, I ordered a couple of bottles for the barn. Just last week our pet potbelly pig Lilac spent a couple of hours too long in the sun. I applied the Herbal Gel and it worked almost immediately. We actually told our vet about the gel. He was so thrilled with the results that he uses it after surgery as it helps assist healing and stops itching. 

 If you have animals, order a couple of bottles of Herbal Gel from Southwest Sunshine. Your pets will thank-you for it, and it just might save you a trip to the vet.


Moisturizer Lotions Are Not Just For Women

Moisturizer Lotions are not something that I usually discuss, and I have never posted anything online before, but after my wife starting selling Southwest Sunshine products, I felt compelled to tell the world just how happy I am with the Therapy Shave Gel.

Now before I get into the ingredients, let me tell you something about my situation. I have not been able to shave for years; in fact, my wife had never seen me without a beard. When I first started shaving in my teens I would constantly get rashes and infected hair follicles that were incredibly painful, not to mention unattractive.

 My wife loves my beard; after all, she did marry me with it, but was always curious about how I would look without my facial hair. I just didn’t want to take the chance, but was forced to when a job opportunity came up that required me to be clean-shaven. That’s when Jennifer suggested the Southwest Sunshine Therapy Shave Gel.

I was a bit reluctant at first. I had tried everything on the market and wasn’t sure what to expect, but after my first shave, I was convinced. In the past, I would break out almost immediately, but not with the Therapy Shave Gel.

 Honestly, I thought it was a fluke or something, but had the same results the next day. Jennifer told me that the gel is filled with all kinds of healing herbs like Arnica, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Rosemary, and Comfrey. Southwest Sunshine has even added Elkweed to the herbal complex. The Therapy Shave Gel combines three steps in one. I use it as a cleanser, as a shaving gel, and then after as an after-shave. The gel is like Moisturizers Lotions without the chemicals. 

 I like being clean-shaven, and thanks to Southwest Sunshine, so does my wife. She told me it is like being with a new man!


Moisturizer Lotions For Your Whole Family Even Your Pets

For over thirty years, the Marchant family has been formulating and manufacturing Moisturizer Lotions. Previously the products were only available for other companies in exclusive packaging, but now the all-natural products are available to the public using the same natural formula. Order from Southwest Sunshine, and your products will arrive direct from the manufacturer eliminating the middleman. The website is user friendly, safe, and secure. The prices are so affordable, that you can buy an entire skin care system for the price of one product from Southwest Sunshine.

 Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is abused on a daily basis. Free radicals, and pollution can make you look older than you actually are, but thanks to Moisturizers Lotions from Southwest Sunshine, you will begin to see a noticeable difference. When you replace your current skin care regime with Southwest Sunshine, your skin will begin to glow.

 Even pets can benefit from the healing properties in the Southwest Sunshine product line. The gel can be used on your animal’s skin to get rid of dry, itchy, and scaly skin. The soothing gel will keep your pet from scratching and biting which can cause sores and blistering.  You can even use the Southwest Sunshine gel on your pets after surgery to speed up the healing process. Dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, and even birds can benefit thanks to Moisturizer Lotions from Southwest Sunshine.

 A friend of mine has horses and finds that the sun wrecks havoc on their skin. They are out in the pasture for the better part of the day and have to deal with sun and windburn. I told her about the healing gel from Southwest Sunshine, and she uses it every day as part of their grooming routine. Not only has it helped with sun damage, but their coats are incredibly shiny!

The Only Moisturizer Lotions I Will Ever Use

 Moisturizer Lotions from Southwest Sunshine is the only product that I use on my skin. I have been using the entire skincare range since the middle of July and the results just keep getting better! We have had a real Indian summer this year and if it were not for the Moisturizer Lotions that I buy online from Southwest Sunshine, I would be looking at least 10 years older than I actually am.

Thanks to the all-natural and affordable Moisturizers Lotions my skin looks as if I spend all day indoors, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Every morning I head down to the pool for a swim. The chlorine is really drying, but thanks to my Southwest Sunshine skincare regimen, you would never know that I even knew how to swim!

Every morning I give my face a good scrub with the herbal facial cleanser. I love the fact that it is free from perfumes, color and dyes, and is all-natural. It is so easy to use, and activates with water. The best thing about the herbal facial cleanser is that it dissolves make-up and mascara, so I don’t have to use any of those chemically based make-up removers.  After I cleanse I apply the soothing herbal gel that gives my skin a great base for the herbal facial moisturizer. This product is excellent for repairing facial tissue, and helps firm, tone, and hydrates my skin. I top that off with my herbal moisturizing lotion which has a built in SP-15 sunscreen. I love the fact that my Moisturizer Lotions from Southwest Sunshine are not greasy, or sticky. I apply my make-up over the top for a perfect finish.

I am so happy with the, “Works Skincare System.” It includes the Facial Cleanser, Herbal Gel, Herbal Moisturizing Lotion +SP15, the Therapy Shave Gel, Chamomile Eye and Lip Cream, the Facial Moisturizer, the, “RENEW,” Alpha Hydroxy, the Herbal Protein Lift Mask, and the Herbal Mask Activator.  

Moisturizers Lotions Is The World’s Best Kept Secret!

Moisturizers Lotions is my favorite place to shop on the web. The skin care products are amazing, and I cannot believe how great my skin looks and feels. I was lucky enough to discover Southwest Sunshine at the Mesa Market Swap Meet in Arizona, but thanks to the wonder of the internet, you can buy it direct.

The prices are extremely affordable. In fact, you can buy an entire Herbal System for under $100.00. These days most chemically enhanced moisturizers that you buy from a department store could run you well over $65.00, just for the moisturizer!

 Southwest Sunshine has an awesome reputation. I was visiting a friend the other day that is going through radiation and chemotherapy and she told me about a great new gel and herbal lotion that was recommended by her radiation therapist. Her skin has been dry, itchy, and quite painful, and she has been using it for a couple of weeks. She uses both together because the lotion locks in the healing effects of the gel and helps moisturize the skin. We both had to have a chuckle when she mentioned that the gel was called Southwest Sunshine. Becky thought it was her little secret. She was quite surprised when I told her that the company has been around for 32 years! Southwest Sunshine is a product that should be in everyone’s bathroom cabinet.

The gel is perfect for burns, cuts, and even acne as it heals, soothes, and calms the skin, which speeds up the natural cell replacement process. The gel quickly absorbs into the deep layers of your skins’ tissue, and is perfect for all skin types, includes those who have sensitive or visibly irritated skin. 

What I really love about Southwest Sunshine is that the gel is the base for all of their products including moisturizer, lotions, make-up, and skin care products. I wouldn’t use any other product on my skin, and neither should you.


I love Moisturizer Lotions From Southwest Sunshine And Now I Am A Distributor

Moisturizer Lotions has the best skin care products in the world, and if you are like me, you want to get the best possible products at prices you can afford.

Southwest Sunshine uses natural herbs that are actually good for your skin. Unfortunately, most companies use chemicals to enhance their moisturizers, and worse yet, test on animals, but not Moisturizer Lotions. Every product that they sell is made naturally without harsh additives. I buy all of my lotions from Southwest Sunshine and am amazed at the results after just a couple of weeks.

I have been so happy with the herbal skincare products from Southwest Sunshine that I decided to become a distributor. After working nine to five for so many years, I was thrilled when I discovered this great opportunity and I have never looked back.

Southwest Sunshine Products have a proven direct marketing approach for lotions and moisturizers, and best of all the money back guarantee is extended to distributors and each and every one of our loyal customers.

The training materials enable me to build and run my business. I work for myself, and if I add other representatives to my tree can earn an increased profit margin. I feel like I am the CEO of a huge company without having to leave the comfort of my own home.

As an independent distributor, I get the same quality, herbal skin care products that the Marchant family has provided for over 25 years. Previously these great herbal products were only available at retail companies and salons, but now they are available under the Southwest Sunshine label with their packaging. The entire herbal collection is offered at wholesale prices to distributors and customers!

Honestly, I have tried every skincare product on the market, and nothing works like Southwest Sunshine. The moisturizer makes my skin look years younger and the lotions are mild enough for people of all ages. If you haven’t already tried Southwest Sunshine you are missing out!

The Best Moisturizers Lotions For Your Family

I love Moisturizers Lotions, but ever since I discovered Southwest Sunshine, I haven’t had to shop for skin care products anywhere else. My kids are always getting sunburned, scraped or scratched, and I do not know what I would do without Moisturizers Lotions. My medicine cabinet is full of great products from Southwest Sunshine, and yours should be too.

Southwest Sunshine is a family owned company that has been selling the best skin care products for over 36 years. Proudly made in the USA, Southwest Sunshine has a solid track recording offering high quality herbal products that everyone can afford.

Herbs have been used as a natural medicine for centuries, and the Healing Herbal Gel from Southwest Sunshine was developed over years of studies showing how each herb worked separately, and then together.

The Herbal Gel is the backbone of every product that Southwest Sunshine has created and due to its healing ability, penetrates past the dead layers of skin, and feeds the tissue. Not only does it help with burns, but it can also heal itchy and non-poisonous insect bites and stings. The cooling gel soothes and controls psoriasis and eczema, and reduces redness tingling or stinging from tattoos and permanent make-up. It can even reduce sensitivity and redness from Rosace, and help with exposure to chemotherapy and radiation. You can use the Herbal Gel head to toe, and it’s great for your pets too!

The gel is a heavy concentration of arnica, aloe, chamomile flowers, rosemary leaves, comfrey and jaborandi leaves, saponins, and allantoin. Southwest Sunshine uses natural, botanical herbs instead of mineral oil, lanolin, or water, to name just a few, which results in younger, healthier looking skin.

Stop using products that are less than healthy for your family, and get some Southwest Sunshine into your life. Your skin will thank you for it, and so will your family!

Moisturizers Lotions That Will Not Cost You A Fortune

If you have been looking for Moisturizers Lotions, you do not have to spend a fortune. With Southwest Sunshine, you can buy everything you need at one low price, especially if you buy a skin care system.

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I bought the, “Works,” package and just love it, but Southwest Sunshine also offers two other skin care systems that have everything you need to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, and redness. Even if you have perfect skin, it is never too early, or too late to start taking good care of your skin.

The, “Spa,” system  is perfect for all skin types, and all age groups, especially if you are sensitive, or suffer from visibly irritated skin. Every product in every system has been developed to work together giving you optimum results. I noticed a difference after just seven days, but my friend who also uses the products saw her first results in about 12 days.

The, “Spa System,” includes the amazing Herbal Gel, which is the foundation of all the amazing products from Southwest Sunshine, the Facial Cleanser, the Herbal Moisturizing Lotion + SP 15, the Chamomile Eye and Lip Cream, the Facial Moisturizer, and the, “RENEW,” Alpha Hydroxy. If that is not enough, Southwest Sunshine will also send you the Herbal Protein Lift Mask, and the Herbal Mask Activator. This amazing skin care system would cost you hundreds of dollars elsewhere, but it is less than $100.00 from Southwest Sunshine.

The, ” System,”  is a skin care package that is perfect for all age groups, but is also a great way to introduce your son or daughter to good skin care. Included in the, “System,” is the Facial Cleanser, Herbal Gel, Herbal Moisturizing Lotion +SP15, the Facial Moisturizer and the, “RENEW,” Alpha Hydroxy.

Look Years Younger With Moisturizer Lotions

Thanks to Moisturizer Lotions from Southwest Sunshine, my skin looks amazing. I have been on the products a little over a week now, and I cannot believe the difference.

I was blessed with great skin. Both my mother and father looked years younger than they actually were. I’m 53, and don’t get me wrong, I still look pretty good for my age, but I have noticed a lack of elasticity. If you are in your 20’s and 30’s, you will understand exactly what I mean when you try to apply eye shadow at my age!

The Herbal Facial Moisturizer is an amazing product. I use it before I go to bed, and first thing in the morning when I wake up. It is a true anti-aging product that is made with all of the goodies like elastin, collagen, vitamins, A, D, E and C, and of course, the base gel, which is really what makes this moisturizer stand out from the crowd.

The Herbal Complex GEL contains Arnica, Aloe Vera, Rosemary, and Comfrey Leaves, Chamomile Flower, Watercress, Jaborandi leaves, and Saponins. There are dozens of reasons why I love this moisturizer. It is lightweight and non-greasy, and it works great under my make-up. I can go all day without having to do a touch-up. Moisturizer Lotions from Southwest Sunshine are natural and do not contain mineral oil, animal oil, or lanolin.

One of the greatest things about the Herbal Facial Moisturizer is the price. You can spend hundreds of dollars on moisturizer, but if you shop with Southwest Sunshine, you don’t have to. You can get an entire skin care system from Moisturizer Lotions for much less than you would pay for one bottle of moisturizer. I bought, “The Works,” and can’t believe all of the products that I received. The Herbal Protein Lift Mask has done wonders from my skin, and the results are fabulous!