Give Winter Skin the Boot

winter skin

If winter skin is affecting your self-confidence, order a skin care system from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE has the best all natural organic skin care systems for all skin types and can give you a beautiful new look for spring.

winter skinThe harsh elements that your skin faces during the colder months can make your skin dry. In some cases, skin can even crack and peel during the winter. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE products can help hydrate your skin giving you a reason to smile this spring. Using a skin care system from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE is the best way to combat winter skin; however, there are some other things you can do to get rid of the winter blues.

winter skin

Just like your furry friends shed their coats for spring, humans shed their skin as well. Getting rid of that dry winter skin is the best way to refresh the largest organ in your body. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE recommends that you invest in a body brush or exfoliating glove or cloth to slough off the dry dead skin. After you step out of the shower and dry off, you may have a few dry patches of skin. Pay close attention to your feet and elbows. Use the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE Herbal Healing Gel to hydrate and help heal those dry spots and follow it up with the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE moisturizing lotion all over your body.

winter skin


You have probably neglected the razor all winter, but with warmer weather on the horizon, you are going to want to get rid of the hairy legs, bikini line, and underarm hair. Use the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE THERAPY SHAVE GEL and your skin will love you for it.

winter skin

It won’t cost you a fortune to pamper yourself after a long hard winter. All of the products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE are affordable, and when you order four or more products in the US, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE will pay the postage.

Order your Skin Care System from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE and don’t forget to stock up on the Herbal Healing Gel. You’ll be glad you did, especially when that first tulip pokes its head out of the soil.

Order your products and get rid of winter skin today.

Vitamin D for Skin

vitamin D

Vitamin D for skin is awesome and one of the ingredients in the all-natural line of skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. However, there are many other reasons that you should include the vitamin in your diet and vitamin D for your skin.

vitamin D for Skin


Bone Health

Increasing your intake of vitamin D is essential for strong healthy strong bones from birth through to old age. Vitamin D helps your body absorb the calcium from foods and can help prevent brittle bones and fractures in older people. Children need vitamin D to build strong bones, weak bones, and knock-knees. Vitamin D was added to milk in the 1930’s.

vitamin D for skin

Weight Loss 

Recent studies are showing that obese people have lower levels of vitamin D in their blood. Scientists believe that the body fat actually traps the vitamin. It is still not quite clear whether the obesity causes lower levels of vitamin D, or it’s the other way around, but in a small study of people who were trying to lose weight, those that added vitamin D to a lower calorie diet found it easier to lose weight.

vitamin D for skin


Lower levels of vitamin D have been found in people with depression, however the studies do not show that supplementing will reduce the symptoms, but what studies are discovering is that depression can be helped by spending more time outdoors in the sunshine. Sunshine is Mother Nature’s vitamin D.

vitamin D for skin


If you want to boost your intake of vitamin D for skin and overall health try including swordfish, salmon and mackerel in your diet as each will provide you with healthy amounts of vitamin D in a single serving. Other fatty fish, such as sardines and tuna have lower amounts of the vitamin as do egg yolks and beef liver.

vitamin D for skin

Start your day off right and include vitamin D. Orange juice, some types of milk, even soy milk, bread, some cereal and yogurt brands have also included vitamin D in the ingredients. Check your labels to see how much of the vitamin you will be getting.

Including vitamin D in your routine, including your skincare regime, can help you stay young and healthy. Order your all-natural skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today, which has been said to help provide vitamins and minerals into your skin, including vitamin D for skin.

Healthy Food instead of the Bad Stuff

Healthy food really does mean healthy skin, and if you are having a tough time keeping your skin from breaking out, it could have something to do with your diet. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE explains that steering clear of fried and processed foods can help keep your skin clear, but so can avoiding these foods.

Healthy Food

Rice Cakes

Touted by dieters all over the planet, the fat erasing rice cake will cause your blood sugar to go through the roof. When that happens it can speed wrinkle formation as your body metabolizes the simple carbohydrates in the rice cakes exactly the same way that is does with sugar, by turning them into glucose. Once converted, it will stick to proteins, such as collagen, that fight wrinkles.

Healthy Food

Healthy Cereals

Although whole grains are lower when it comes to the glycemic index, many of those so-called healthy foods, including cereals are loaded with sugar, and just like rice cakes, can cause those glucose spikes that will speed up wrinkle formation.

Healthy Food


According to the ads, “Milk does a body good,” but it isn’t as good for your skin, especially skim milk. Milk contains growth hormones, which can affect your insulin as those hormones can make their way into the blood stream. This can also cause inflammation and an excess of oil production resulting in a massive breakout. Nut and organic milks are healthy foods that could be a good alternative.

Healthy Food


You may think munching on the occasional chip, even the baked variety can’t hurt, but the refined carbs can trigger collagen damaging oxidative stress meaning that over time you will start to notice wrinkles and fine lines. Skip the chips if you don’t want to look older than you really are and go for more healthy food.

Healthy Food


With Americans eating up a whopping 22 teaspoons of sugar every day, it’s no wonder their skin is suffering for it. Most sugars are hidden in the most surprising places, and one of the biggest offenders is the humble smoothie, but don’t blame the natural sugar as made to order smoothies from chains or the ones that you buy at the grocery store contain frozen yogurt and even sherbet, all of which are teaming with added sugar. If you must have a smoothie, make it at home with good for you foods such as yogurt or unsweetened almond or coconut milk.

Healthy Food

Eating healthy food and using all natural skin care products, such as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, will help you stay healthy and young looking. Order SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE skin care system today.

Skin Care for Sun Allergies

skin care

Skin care is important all year round, but especially during the summer as some people are more susceptible to the sun’s rays than you think.

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE explains that some people are actually allergic to the sun. People who do have an allergy to the sun will develop an annoying itchy rash that is red and bumpy on the arms and the chest.

Below are some of the more common sun allergies:



One of the most common sun allergies is known as photodermatoses. You can get relief from photodermatoses if you apply the HEALING HERBAL GEL from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. In fact, the HERBAL HEALING GEL should be a skin care staple in your household.


Known as PMLE, polymorphous is another skin allergy that usually occurs in women who are aged between 20 and 40. It’s called Polymorphous because the bumpy pink or red rash looks different on different people. Polymorphous will usually appear on the legs, chest or arms. The face is rarely affected.

PMLE usually occurs in late spring or summer, with several hours of exposure to the sun after a long winter of no sun exposure. Although it’s not unsightly, it does burn or itch. After the first episode, PMLE will reappear every year. If you suffer from a skin allergy, include the HEALING HERBAL GEL from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE in your skin care regime as it may relieve some of the itchiness.

Solar Urticaria

If you suddenly break out in hives after spending a few minutes in the sun, you could have solar urticaria. Similar to PMLE your face isn’t usually affected. Once you are in the sun it will tend to disappear as quickly as it appeared and will rarely last for more than 24 hours.


Acne suffers can get red and burning skin if taking doxycycline. Referred to as drug-induced photosensitivity, several medications can cause this type of rash. The rash can affect any part of the body, including the face. If you suffer from acne, you may find relief in the all-natural skin care line from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

What Can Help?

If you are susceptible to sunburn, or have a sun allergy try the HERBAL HEALING GEL from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. The HERBAL HEALING GEL can help relieve dry, red, and itchy skin and helps with burns and other skin conditions including psoriasis and rosacea.

all natural skin care

Don’t spend the rest of the summer scratching. Order your HERBAL HEALING GEL from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today. Buy four and keep one in each medicine cabinet and you will not have to pay for shipping in the United States.

Dry Skin Happens Everywhere

Dry skin

It isn’t summer without dry skin, and if you suffer from patchy, scaly skin because of the heat, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE can help. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE offers dry skin sufferers relief with its all-natural skin care line that protects all skin types, even if you are sensitive to other so-called natural products.

Even if you live in a sub-tropical climate, you can still have dry and flaky skin because your sweat glands will be working overtime.

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE explains that although dry and hot climates or dry winter weather is blamed for dry skin, it can be just as problematic in humid climates.

It could be your Age or Genetics

As your skin ages it will produce fewer sweat and oil glands. This results in skin that is more apt to be dry. In addition, you can also blame your parents and your ancestors, as dry skin tends to be hereditary. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE explains that if you use greasy or heavy lotions or creams, especially if you are over 40, or if you slather sunscreen on all year round you may have to deal with dry and flaky skin. If you live in a state, such as Oregon or Washington that tends to be cloudy, you could also be more likely to suffer from dry skin.

Skin Care Products and Soap

There are many types of skin care products and soaps that are very drying regardless of where you live, as some products will strip your skin of its natural oils.

Dry SkinIf you have dry flaky skin never use products that contain fragrances, deodorants, or alcohol, as these ingredients will cause dry skin. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE contains all natural herbs that will soothe your dry skin while moisturizing at the same time.

If you suffer from dry skin, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE recommends that you wash your face often throughout the day, as sweat in a humid climate will dry your skin. Also, look for all natural soap free skin care products that include a good natural moisturizer such as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

You don’t have to deal with dry skin this summer when you order your products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. Order now and get free shipping in the United States when you order four or more products online. Order today.

13 Fun and Interesting Facts about Easter


Most people know why Easter is celebrated, but SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE has some interesting little know facts about Easter.

In 2007, a very special egg sold for nearly 18 million in the UK. Covered in diamonds, a little bird also made of jewels, pops out from the egg every hour making a crowing noise while nodding its head and flapping its wings.


Made in Italy in 2011, the tallest Easter egg was made out of chocolate and was slightly taller than a giraffe, at just over 24 feet, and as heavy as an elephant weighing in at 15,873.28 pounds.


Although Good Friday is an official holiday is other parts of the world, only 12 states call it official in the United States. Those states are Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Good Friday is also a holiday in Texas but is optional.


The Easter flower is a white lily, which is the symbol celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter truly is a movable feast as Passover is determined by the phases of the moon.

Exchanging Easter Eggs is older than Easter as the custom symbolizes spring rebirth in many societies and cultures.


During Medieval times, an egg throwing festival was a custom that churches held with the priest throwing an egg at one of the boys in the choir who would then toss the hardboiled egg from one boy to another. When 12:00 came around the choirboy that had the egg when the clock struck was the winner keeping the hardboiled egg as his prize.

Over 700 million of those delicious marshmallow peeps candies are purchased in the United States over the Easter Holidays making them the most adored non-chocolate Easter treat.


The White House Easter Egg Roll began back in 1878 by President Rutherford B. Hayes and continues on the front lawn every year.

During the Easter holidays, egg farmers across America donate over 11 million eggs to those in need to local food banks.


In the United States, more than 16 million Easter jellybeans are enjoyed. That’s enough jellybeans to go around the planet over three times.

Speaking of candy, 91.4 billion eggs, 90 million chocolate bunnies and a whopping 700 million peeps are made in the United States every year with 76 percent of people eating chocolate bunny’s ears first.


The oldest Christian holiday and the most important day for the church, Easter celebrates Christ’s resurrection three days after his death on the cross.

As you sit down and enjoy your family and friends this Easter take a moment to remember why you are celebrating.

Happy Easter everyone from the folks at SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

Christmas around the World

Southwest Sunshine

It’s Christmas Day and if you are enjoying your time with family and friends, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE would like to continue sharing some little known facts about Christmas traditions around the world.

In Australia Christmas occurs at the beginning of the summer. School holidays begin from the middle of December to the early part of February. Because it is so warm in Australia during the summer, most families forgo cooking and opt for a barbecue cooking up lots of seafood. Australians also celebrate with Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve with celebrations occurring in every state across the country. Australians also decorate their homes with the native, “Christmas Bush.”

Only one percent of the folks who live in China are Christians. That means that most people don’t know much about Christmas. With that being said, a fairly new tradition that is becoming popular in China is called, “Ping’an Ye,” meaning a quiet or peaceful evening, it involves people handing out apples to family and friends.

Christmas trees are popular in Greece, but an older tradition that families still follow features a shallow wooden bowl. These wooden bowls have a piece of wire suspended around the rim with basil wrapped around a cross that hangs down from the wire. The bowl holds a small amount of water that keeps the basil fresh and alive. Once a day, mom will dip the basil and the cross into holy water before sprinkling it around each room of the house.

Just like Australia, Costa Rica’s school holidays begin in December with families decorating their homes with tropical flowers. The Pasito, a nativity scene, sits in the center of every homes display. Cypress branches, ribbons, and red coffee berries are used to make Christmas wreaths.

Armenia celebrates Christmas on January 6, which is also the day of Epiphany, meaning the public revelation that Jesus Christ was indeed God’s son.

As you celebrate Christmas with your family and friends this year, take a moment to appreciate other countries traditions and enjoy! Merry Christmas everyone!

Five things you Probably Don’t Know about Thanksgiving

Southwest Sunshine

When you gather your friends and family together for Thanksgiving this year, give a thought to the pilgrims and the Native Americans as you sit down to enjoy your annual feast.

According to SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, there are probably a few things that you didn’t know about one of America’s favorite holidays. As hard as it may seem to believe, nearly every belief about Thanksgiving has either changed or developed into new facets and traditions.

Southwest Sunshine

These days the first thought about turkey day is stuffing yourselves with great food; however, Thanksgiving wasn’t also about feasting. Before the 17th century, Thanksgiving was more about mediation, prayer, and hold on to your hat for this one, fasting.

Southwest Sunshine

Historians are still scratching their heads when it comes to Thanksgiving, as there are no recorded instances of the colonists sharing a feast with the Native Americans after harvests, or any other time for that matter. The pilgrims and the Native Americans had a long history of violence so it is quite unlikely that the two groups gathered together for Thanksgiving.

Southwest Sunshine

Eating turkey doesn’t make you fall asleep. Contrary to popular belief, it is most probably the wine and other alcoholic libations that make you sleepy. Tryptophan, the ingredient in turkey that supposedly makes you go to sleep needs to be consumed on an empty stomach and even then the amino acids that are in the protein will reach your brain before it can take effect. According to National Geographic, soybeans contain much more tryptophan than turkey does. No wonder people who go on a tofurkey binge are the first to pass out. For those that are unaware, tofu is the main ingredient in tofurkey and tofu is made from soybeans.

Southwest Sunshine

The first TV dinner actually came from an overabundance of turkey when a company known as Swanson and Sons found themselves stuck with about 250 tons of turkey. A salesman by the name of Gerry Thomas came up with the idea to form an assembly line where employees used spatulas and ice-cream scoops to fill 5,000 aluminum trays full of turkey, corn-bread dressing, peas and sweet potatoes creating the first ever TV dinner. Mr. Thomas admitted to getting the idea from those packaged airline food trays.

Southwest Sunshine

The popular Christmas Carol, Jingle Bells, was originally a Thanksgiving song. Composer James Pierpont wrote the song for children celebrating turkey day in 1857. It became so popular that it was repeated at Christmas as well with people singing it again, and again.

This Thanksgiving SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE would like you to take a moment to be thankful for family, friends, and everything that you enjoy on your table. Happy Thanksgiving!

The History of Moisturizer

Southwest Sunshine

According to anthropologists, humans have been using some sort of moisturizer for the past 10,000 years. People in Africa and Brazil used palm oil, Native American tribes used animal fat to keep skin soft and supple while Latin American women were partial to avocado.

The ancient Sumerians, the first known civilization, which was located where Iraq is today, created natural salves from minerals, animals, or pulverized plants. They combined the ingredients with tree oils and wine before applying to their skin as a moisturizer.

Southwest Sunshine

Ancient Egyptian parchments explain how moisturizer and body creams were found at the burial sites. Cleopatra was known for using sesame oil and olive oil to keep her skin looking young. Resinous myrrh, oil of Ben, wine, honey, cardamom, and bitter olives were also made by the Egyptians who used the ointment as a moisturizer.

Southwest Sunshine

The Bible talks about lotions made from spices and olive oil. One Byzantine passage recommends a facial mask made of myrrh, egg yolks, aloe, and hot rose oil.

Olive oil was a popular moisturizer that was used by the ancient Greeks with Homer describing Hera anointing herself with scented olive oil before seducing Zeus. Some Greek women swore by an anti-aging routine that required them to spread bread and milk on their body and face before going to bed while Hippocrates used honey on his face for a moisturizer as he believed it would give him a, “Fresh and jovial look.”

Southwest Sunshine

Roman physician Galen was the first to create a cold cream moisturizer using rose oil, melted beeswax, and water. He called it cold cream because that is how it made your skin feel. This was developed around 200 BC.

Southwest Sunshine

Manufactured body creams became popular in the 1800’s with new ingredients including petroleum jelly. Lanolin and mineral oils were also added to moisturizer around the same time.

Today there are thousands of body creams and moisturizers available with more than 80 percent of women in the United States claiming to use body or hand lotion on a regular basis, however, a huge percentage of those creams and moisturizers are loaded with chemicals, but not SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

Southwest Sunshine

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE uses a mixture of plants, vitamins, and minerals to create the all-natural line of skin care products, much like the ancient Romans and Egyptians did. Every product from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE is perfect for all skin types and people of all ages.

If you are tired of putting chemicals on your face and would like to try an affordable all natural line of skin care products, order a skin care system from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today.

Get your Skin in Shape with a Healthy Diet

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Diet and exercise are important all year round, and if you are watching what you eat and drink this summer, it is imperative that you pay attention to your skin as well.

A good diet is great for your skin, but so is a good skin care regimen like SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. Order a Skin Care System from Southwest SunshineSOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, watch what you eat and drink and you will be well on your way to a healthier mind, body, and spirit.

What you eat does affect your hormones, and if you are filling your body with not-so-good foods, your skin will suffer.

Southwest Sunshine

Everyone knows that consuming power foods such as citrus, dark chocolate and dark leafy greens can help beat diabetes and heart disease, but there are also foods that can work miracles on your skin as well.

Southwest Sunshine

In a recent study, women who more than two teaspoons of olive oil each day showed 31 percent fewer signs of age than people who ate less. It is believed that the antioxidants in olive oil help keep those damaging free radicals at bay.

Southwest Sunshine

Eat a tablespoon of olive oil mixed with tomato paste and you will be protecting yourself against sunburn as the lycopene levels in tomatoes that have been processed help bring out the natural SPF in your skin.

Southwest Sunshine

If you eat an ounce of dark chocolate, which will not affect your waistline, you are hydrating your skin while improving the circulation. It’s the high flavanol in the cocoa powder that helps smooth your skin.

Everyone knows that omega-3 fatty acids are one of the best sources when it comes to good fat. Fatty fish, such as sardines, are rich in DHA, an anti-inflammatory that helps control acne. Inflammation is one of the causes of acne.

Southwest Sunshine

Green tea is much more than an appetite suppressant. In fact, green tea helps boost the oxygen and blood flow to your skin making it more elastic. Green tea also helps deliver nutrients that keep your complexion glowing and healthy.

Think you’ve heard it all? Hardly, next week SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE will share more healthy foods and beverages that are great for your skin.