Arnica Natures Anti-Inflammatory


Arnica is a natural inflammatory that is grown in North America, Canada Russia, central Europe, and the Pyrenees. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE gets its Arnica from the mountains in Montana.

First used by mountaineers in Switzerland to prevent aching and sore limbs, it can be used for sprains, dislocations and muscle aches. When used externally, Arnica can help prevent bruising and bleeding capillaries.


Arnica works as it stimulates the white blood cell activity. Arnica disperses joint and muscle fluids that are trapped by congested blood dispersing to the rest of the body. There are also anti-bacterial qualities and anti-inflammatory properties in Arnica as well. Arnica can help reduce pain and speed up wound healing. Recent evidence has shown that Arnica can help the body recover more quickly form toothaches, surgery, and childbirth. In dental patients, Arnica helped control bleeding and pain after the procedure. Reducing swelling is probably one of the most well known properties of Arnica.



Products that contain Arnica help your bruises heal faster after blows, falls, and other bodily traumas that will cause your blood vessels to break up under the skin spilling blood. This causes discoloration and tenderness. Arnica will speed up the healing while prompting the body to send in additional white blood cells that will repair the bruise.



If you start to swell message a product containing Arnica into the area as Arnica is natures wonder anti-inflammatory. Arnica will give you significant benefits when it comes to contusions, fractures, strains, and sprains. Use products that contain Arnica after surgery to reduce bleeding and swelling.



A natural pain reliever, Arnica doesn’t mask your pain like prescription painkillers. Arnica stimulates the healing process prompting your body to heal faster. Pain that is caused from inflammation and trauma will be healed as Arnica reduces swelling and pain causes swelling or inflammation.



Arnica isn’t something that you will find in all skin care products, but is an active ingredient in the all-natural line of skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. Order your skin care products with Arnica from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today.

Skin Care for Sun Allergies

skin care

Skin care is important all year round, but especially during the summer as some people are more susceptible to the sun’s rays than you think.

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE explains that some people are actually allergic to the sun. People who do have an allergy to the sun will develop an annoying itchy rash that is red and bumpy on the arms and the chest.

Below are some of the more common sun allergies:



One of the most common sun allergies is known as photodermatoses. You can get relief from photodermatoses if you apply the HEALING HERBAL GEL from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. In fact, the HERBAL HEALING GEL should be a skin care staple in your household.


Known as PMLE, polymorphous is another skin allergy that usually occurs in women who are aged between 20 and 40. It’s called Polymorphous because the bumpy pink or red rash looks different on different people. Polymorphous will usually appear on the legs, chest or arms. The face is rarely affected.

PMLE usually occurs in late spring or summer, with several hours of exposure to the sun after a long winter of no sun exposure. Although it’s not unsightly, it does burn or itch. After the first episode, PMLE will reappear every year. If you suffer from a skin allergy, include the HEALING HERBAL GEL from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE in your skin care regime as it may relieve some of the itchiness.

Solar Urticaria

If you suddenly break out in hives after spending a few minutes in the sun, you could have solar urticaria. Similar to PMLE your face isn’t usually affected. Once you are in the sun it will tend to disappear as quickly as it appeared and will rarely last for more than 24 hours.


Acne suffers can get red and burning skin if taking doxycycline. Referred to as drug-induced photosensitivity, several medications can cause this type of rash. The rash can affect any part of the body, including the face. If you suffer from acne, you may find relief in the all-natural skin care line from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

What Can Help?

If you are susceptible to sunburn, or have a sun allergy try the HERBAL HEALING GEL from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. The HERBAL HEALING GEL can help relieve dry, red, and itchy skin and helps with burns and other skin conditions including psoriasis and rosacea.

all natural skin care

Don’t spend the rest of the summer scratching. Order your HERBAL HEALING GEL from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today. Buy four and keep one in each medicine cabinet and you will not have to pay for shipping in the United States.

All Natural Skin Care for Pets

All Natural Skin Care

All natural skin care for pets really is available, but not at your local pet store. Only SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE can give your dog, cat, horse, ferret, or even your pet chicken relief from itchy, dry skin.

All Natural Skin Care

The all-natural skin care line from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE is perfect for every member of your family, and if you are like most animal owners, you only want the best for Fido and Fifi. Luckily, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE has the answer with all natural skin care for pets.

All Natural Skin Care

The Herbal Gel from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE is a wonderful blend of herbs that work in conjunction with each other to help speed up the natural cell replacement process and help expedite the healing process.

animal-842909_640The SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE Herbal Gel is absorbed quickly and is excellent for your pets. If your pet has skin irritations or is suffering from a rash, use a small amount of SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE Herbal Gel to help heal. The Herbal Healing Gel can also give your fur family member much needed relief from itching and scratching.

All Natural Skin Care

Buy a few bottles of the multi-purpose healing gel from SOUHTWEST SUNSHINE and you will be prepared, especially now that poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac are beginning to wake up after a long winter.

The Herbal Gel from SOUHTWEST SUNSHINE helps sooth chapped, itchy and dry skin. This is especially important now that your furry friends are spending more time out in the sunshine.

All Natural Skin Care

If your feathered friend is having skin issues keep a bottle of the all-natural Herbal Gel from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE on hand. The Herbal Gel is perfect for quick relief if the itching is driving Polly crazy.

The non-oil based Herbal Gel from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE can be used on every inch of your body, including your face.

All natural skin care for pets

This spring keep your pets and your family happy with nearly instant relief from burns, skin irritations, rashes, bug bites and just about any other skin ailment you can think of and order the Herbal Gel from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. Buy four bottles and SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE will pay your postage.


13 Fun and Interesting Facts about Easter


Most people know why Easter is celebrated, but SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE has some interesting little know facts about Easter.

In 2007, a very special egg sold for nearly 18 million in the UK. Covered in diamonds, a little bird also made of jewels, pops out from the egg every hour making a crowing noise while nodding its head and flapping its wings.


Made in Italy in 2011, the tallest Easter egg was made out of chocolate and was slightly taller than a giraffe, at just over 24 feet, and as heavy as an elephant weighing in at 15,873.28 pounds.


Although Good Friday is an official holiday is other parts of the world, only 12 states call it official in the United States. Those states are Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Good Friday is also a holiday in Texas but is optional.


The Easter flower is a white lily, which is the symbol celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter truly is a movable feast as Passover is determined by the phases of the moon.

Exchanging Easter Eggs is older than Easter as the custom symbolizes spring rebirth in many societies and cultures.


During Medieval times, an egg throwing festival was a custom that churches held with the priest throwing an egg at one of the boys in the choir who would then toss the hardboiled egg from one boy to another. When 12:00 came around the choirboy that had the egg when the clock struck was the winner keeping the hardboiled egg as his prize.

Over 700 million of those delicious marshmallow peeps candies are purchased in the United States over the Easter Holidays making them the most adored non-chocolate Easter treat.


The White House Easter Egg Roll began back in 1878 by President Rutherford B. Hayes and continues on the front lawn every year.

During the Easter holidays, egg farmers across America donate over 11 million eggs to those in need to local food banks.


In the United States, more than 16 million Easter jellybeans are enjoyed. That’s enough jellybeans to go around the planet over three times.

Speaking of candy, 91.4 billion eggs, 90 million chocolate bunnies and a whopping 700 million peeps are made in the United States every year with 76 percent of people eating chocolate bunny’s ears first.


The oldest Christian holiday and the most important day for the church, Easter celebrates Christ’s resurrection three days after his death on the cross.

As you sit down and enjoy your family and friends this Easter take a moment to remember why you are celebrating.

Happy Easter everyone from the folks at SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

Good Skin Care Starts Early

Southwest Sunshine

Good skin care should start at an early age for both boys and girls as teaching good skin care habits when your kids are younger will not only show them how to take care of their skin, but also give them great looking skin for the rest of their lives.

Just like other healthy habits, such as brushing, flossing, and eating a well-balanced diet, a good skin care routine should also be incorporated into habits for life.

Southwest Sunshine

It’s never too early to practice good skin care. If your kids keep it up, or if you are a teen and take care of your skin with all natural skin care products, such as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, you will look amazing by the time you are in your 40’s.

While you may come from a family with exceptional genes, it may not help your skin when you get older, especially if you do not practice a good skin care routine. The way that your skin ages will depend quite a bit on your genetic makeup, however environmental factors, such as smoking and too much sun will age you faster than a 29 year old who has been taking care of his or skin for years.

Southwest Sunshine

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE recommends that you start your kids off with a simple yet effective good skin care routine in the morning and before bed. This will ensure that your kids are getting a good start when it comes to wrinkled and damaged skin.

Skin will begin to start aging when boys and girls are young. In fact, freckles are usually the first sign that your child has had too much exposure to the sun.

Southwest Sunshine

Teaching good skin care to your kids when they are young should start with gentle cleansing and of course sun protection. It is quite easy to encourage young children about sun protection than it is to try to tell a teenager how bad an indoor tanning salon is.

If you would like to start teaching your children healthy habits order a skin care system from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE to help encourage your kids into practicing good skin care. Order your SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE products today.

Too Little Protein can Cause Wrinkly Skin

Southwest Sunshine

If you are always on the go and find yourself neglecting your skin because of time, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE has the answer. When you purchase the organic skin care line of products online from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, all you need is five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night to keep your skin firm, healthy and glowing.

Southwest Sunshine

Most people are aware that too much sun and not enough sleep can cause problems for your skin, but so can your diet.

If your meals contain foods that are known to cause inflammation such as margarine, vegetable oils, white bread, red meats, processed or sugary foods, your skin is not thanking you for it. Because these types of foods could cause inflammation, you could be accelerating wrinkles. If you want to prevent premature again, use a natural skin care product line, such as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, and load up on flaxseed, salmon, and avocados. Skip the canola, corn and sunflower oil and use coconut or olive oil instead as it can help your skin retain its soft and supple look.

Southwest Sunshine

Every day it seems like scientists are coming up with more proof that you really are what you eat, and that is certainly the case with protein. Recent studies have indicated that too little protein could cause cracks, wrinkles, and tears in your skin. Try to eat at least one protein food every meal. If you are a vegetarian, there are plenty of foods such as beans, spinach, mushrooms, lentils, green peas, quinoa, nuts, nut butter, chickpeas, and tofu. Other great protein sources for vegetarians include tempeh, edamame, leafy greens, kale, hemp milk, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and non-dairy milk such as almond or coconut.

Southwest Sunshine


When it comes to healthy skin, it is important that you watch what you eat, consume plenty of protein and practice good skin care habits using a natural skin care product such as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. Order your skin care system online today.

Skin Care Problems are Not Always Environmental


The environment does not always cause skin problems. In fact, skin problems can be a direct result of the food you eat and the products that you use on your skin.

Unfortunately, not all skin care companies use natural products, and instead fill their skin care products with chemicals that do not always agree with your skin. Even if the cleanser and moisturizer that you have used for years suddenly starts to irritate your skin; it could be the chemicals, even if there hasn’t been a formula change.


As you age, your body reacts differently to chemical substances, especially those that are applied to the face. Rashes can develop anywhere on your skin because your body has built up a tolerance to a particular chemical.

The natural and organic line of skin care products can help with all kinds of skin problems including rosacea and acne. If you suffer from hives due to stress or anxiety, the soothing healing herbal gel complex from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE may help with the itchiness.


Finding a good moisturizer for skin problems can almost be as frustrating as trying on a new swimsuit, but it does not have to be. Try the natural and organic moisturizers from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE if you are dealing with oily skin after you apply your moisturizer. Your moisturizer should soak into your skin, not just lay there like some of the chemically enhanced moisturizers.

When you purchase a natural and organic skin care system from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, you can be assured that every product works together to keep your skin soft and smooth.


When you start using a SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE skincare system for skin problems, you may notice an improvement in as little as two weeks thanks to the healing properties in the herbs that you will find in the natural and organic line of skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

Order your natural skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today.

Healing Herbs in Organic Skincare Products

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Herbs are just as good for the outside as the inside, and when you use the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE line of organic skincare products, you will really see and feel the difference.

Blended without excessive heat to preserve the natural healing properties of the herbs, all the organic skincare products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE have been synergistically balanced to give your skin a youthful glow.

Southwest Sunshine

Rosemary leaves have been used for centuries and can actually strengthen your skin tissue while moisturizing. Rosemary leaves help support healthy collagen while fighting off free radicals, such as air pollution, that can damage your skin.

Southwest Sunshine

Aloe Vera, another herb in the organic skincare products line from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE has been used for centuries and has amazing healing properties.

Southwest Sunshine

Called the, “Plant of Immortality,” by the ancient Egyptians, Aloe Vera helps heal burns and treats a variety of skin infections including eczema, insect bites, and skin rashes. Aloe Vera can also be used to help ease sunburn pain while healing at an epithelial level. Aloe Vera is also used to treat acne and acts as a powerful moisturizer.

Southwest Sunshine

Arnica Flowers are another powerful ingredient that you will find in the organic skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. Arnica Flowers help renew and soothe your skin after stress. Arnica Flowers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties can help benefit people who have inflammatory skin disorders. Arnica Flowers help accelerate healing and is used for minor burns, bruises, and sunburn.

Southwest Sunshine

Comfrey Leaves, also included in the organic skin care products line from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, is an old European folk remedy that has been used since ancient times. Common uses for Comfrey Leaves include scar prevention, while treating existing scars, healing wounds and soothing dry and irritated sky. Comfrey Leaves can also be used to tone skin because of its mild drawing and astringent qualities. Comfrey Leaves are also used to treat eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

chamomile flowers

When you add these and other healing herbs to the organic skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE you will see amazing results.

Next week we will talk about the rest of the healing herbs in the organic skin care products line including watercress, allantoin, and chamomile flowers.

Organic Skin Care Products that Really are Safe

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If you are tired of paying a fortune for organic skin care products, you haven’t shopped online with SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

Since 1980, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE has been selling organic skin care products wholesale to the public at unbeatable prices. In fact, the organic skin care products are so affordable that everyone in your family can have beautiful, healthy skin at a fraction of the cost.

Southwest Sunshine

The average person in the United States and overseas uses about 10 skin care products on their body each and every day, and because the skin can be likened to a sponge, men, women, teens and children are absorbing around 130 chemicals every minute they apply a skin care product. Although the FDA and cosmetic companies maintain the safety of these products, most are recommended in small doses.

Southwest Sunshine

Thankfully, you will not have to worry about the safety of the organic skin care products line from SOUTWEST SUNSHINE. Using all natural herbs and minerals that are safe for all skin types, you can be assured that the products you and your family use from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE are safe.

Southwest Sunshine

Most people have no idea that nearly ninety percent of the 10,500 skin care and cosmetic ingredients have not been evaluated or tested for safety by the FDA, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review or any other accountable institution. If you are using so-called organic skin, care products that have ingredients you cannot even pronounce, chances are those products haven’t been tested either. As an interesting side note, Europe has recently banned 1,110 skin care products because of safety concerns. Only 10 are banned in the United States.

Southwest Sunshine

Toxic synthetic chemicals are cause for concern, especially in today’s beauty industry. Most of the higher priced organic skin care products manufacturers throw around the term, “Natural,” and, “Organic,” when in reality that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Southwest Sunshine

When it comes to healthy skin, you can depend on the organic skin products line from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. With all natural ingredients that are safe for everyone, you never have to worry about what’s on the label.

Order your organic skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today.

Is your Makeup Aging you?

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If you have been looking in the mirror and don’t like what you see, it could have something to do with your makeup. Using an all-natural skin care line can help make you look and feel younger, but so can taking a closer look at the makeup that you use.

Southwest Sunshine

According to SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, there are some clever tricks that you can use to help you look younger.

Use a soft foundation and never overload on concealer. Heavier makeup will accentuate your wrinkles while over exaggerating the lines.

Southwest Sunshine

Makeup will not cover wrinkles and will only draw them out. Instead of heavy foundations, try a primer first and follow it up with a sheer or lightweight foundation. Instead of trying to hide your lines and wrinkles, work with them by viewing your face as a whole.

Southwest Sunshine

Focus on your eyes and play down the dark circles. Use the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE eye and lip cream and you will notice a difference in as little as four weeks. It can be difficult to hide those dark circles, but they can be minimized with a natural looking concealer that is lighter than your skin tone. Lighter gives more projection while darker will make your eyes look recessed. Try using an eye shadow base or primer first in order to smooth out the skin on your eyelids.

Southwest Sunshine

If you have puffy eyes or bags, never use concealer as it will only accentuate the bags. Use a good moisturizer from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE and skip the concealer until your eyes have returned to normal.

You can minimize your flaws using a light concealer to hide sun and age spots. Add a bronzer to give you a sun kissed and more youthful appearance. All you have to do is sweep the bronzer at the top of your forehead and across the cheekbones. You can also use it under your chin to sculpt your face.

Southwest Sunshine

Add gloss to your SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE Longest Lasting Lipsticks to fill in crevices and cracks. Lip-gloss can also give the illusion of plumper lips adding more definition.

Of course, even the best makeup tips will not work unless you start with a good skin care regimen such as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. Order your all-natural skin care system today and start looking younger with makeup.