Become Independent This Independence Day with Skin Care Products

skin care products

It’s Independence Day and that means it’s time to stop being a slave to skin care products that are loaded with chemicals. It seems like every day scientists are discovering the problems with chemically laden skin care products, and that is where SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE comes in. The SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE all natural organic skin care products are never tested on animals and don’t contain chemicals.

The natural skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE contain healing herbs and minerals that help your skin cells rejuvenate. Herbs such as Arnica, Aloe Vera, Watercress and Rosemary Leaves, help calm and sooth the skin. When you use the Herbal healing gel along with the moisturizer and other skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE don’t be surprised if you see a noticeable difference by the end of summer.

skin care products

The summer months can cause serious problems with your skin. Not only do you have to keep it protected from the harsh UV rays, but if you do get too much sun, you will need to take care of that sunburn. The Herbal Healing Gel from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE is perfect for:

  • Sunburn, windburn, and minor burns
  • Stinging
  • Redness
  • Tingling
  • Skin prone to acne where redness occurs
  • Chemotherapy and radiation exposure
  • Rashes and irritations
  • Redness and sensitivity from Rosacea
  • Irritation caused by electrolysis, tweezing or waxing
  • Controls and sooths Eczema and Psoriasis

skin care products

Use daily after your bath or shower and your skin will have a healthy glow.

Interested? You should be and that is why SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE is helping you become independent on Independence Day.

From July 4th to July 18th, until supplies last, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE will be taking 10% off any individual Lotions and Creams. Buy four or more and SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE will pay the shipping in the US.

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skin care products

Please be aware that the above specials do not include the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE skin care systems or the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE Longest Lasting Lipsticks.

So what are you waiting for? Shop today and have beautiful skin by the end of summer, but hurry although the sale doesn’t end until July 18th, it is only until supplies last. Shop now for all natural skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

Beautiful Lips with Longest Lasting Lipsticks

Longest Lasting Lipsticks

With Longest Lasting Lipsticks from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, beautiful lips don’t have to cost a fortune, and if you are tired of spending your hard earned cash on a lipstick that you don’t even like, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE can help.

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE carries the best lipstick that will give you color that lasts for hours.

If you are constantly reapplying your lipstick throughout the day, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE is the answer to your prayers. With SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE’S Longest Lasting Lipstick, you don’t have to worry about touching up after you eat, drink or kiss.

Longest Lasting Lipsticks

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINES Longest Lasting Lipstick moisturizes with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and is FDA approved, lead free, and made in the USA.

Applied sparingly for best results, and you will have beautiful lips that you can create yourself by blending the colored Longest Lasting Lipstick to your desired hue. Go green and you’ll have a dusty rose color. Go black and you will be smiling with deep berry lips. Buy an orange lipstick and you will love your red coral beautiful lips.

Longest Lasting Lipsticks

Creating new colors is easy. Check out the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE website where you will find tips to create gorgeous colors that you will not find at your local department store.

Mix white with orange and you will have a beautiful melon frost that will be perfect for spring. Black and white will create a gorgeous pink mauve color that will be hard to resist. Mixing and matching the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE Longest Lasting Lipsticks is fun and affordable.

Longest Lasting Lipsticks

The SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE Longest Lasting Lipsticks are not sold in stores. These beautiful lipsticks are only available online at or at the markets in Arizona.

Get the beautiful lips you deserve and order the LONGEST LASTING LIPSTICKS from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, you’ll be glad you did. Order yours today for long, long, long lasting lipstick.

Things you May Not Know about Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and that means it is time to give your Valentine a gift that keeps on giving. Order all natural skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, and your Valentine will be eternally grateful.

Dating back to 1514, the oldest Valentine was a poem that was written by the Duke of New Orleans; Charles wrote it to his wife. Unfortunately, Charles was in the Tower of London after he was captured in the Battle of Agincourt.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day dates back to the fertility festival in Rome, Italy. The Lupercalia festival involved young men drawing a woman’s name in the annual lottery. The lucky woman would become his sexual companion for the next year.

Young men and women in the Middle Ages would draw names from a bowl to find out who would be their Valentine. After the drawing ended, the men would wear the names of the Valentine on their sleeve for an entire week.

Valentine’s Day

One of the most popular theories about the origins of Valentine’s Day involves Emperor Claudius II. Claudius did not want any of the Roman men to wed during wartime. Bishop Valentine went against the Emperors wishes and married couples in secret. For his treacherous act, the Bishop went to jail before being executed. When he was in jail, the Bishop penned a note to the daughter of the jailor and signed it, “From your Valentine.”

Valentine’s Day

The Victorians believed Valentines were bad luck and rarely sent Valentine’s Day cards.

On Valentine’s Day, 15 percent of women across American gift themselves flowers on the most romantic day of the year.

Valentine’s Day


Addressed to Juliet, Verona, Italy where Romeo and Juliet called home, receives more than 1,000 Valentines every year.

220,000 people propose every Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day surprise your Valentine with something that will last longer than flowers or chocolates and order your all-natural skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today.

Foods To Hydrate Your Skin and You

Hydrate your skin

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE Herbal Skin Care understands the importance of water. However, drinking water isn’t the only way to hydrate your skin. In fact, you will typically add about 20 percent of your water each day from the foods that you eat. However, according to SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, there are certain foods that are even better when it comes to hydrating your skin and your body.


Low in calories and a whopping 95 percent water, cucumbers not only hydrate your skin, but can also help fight inflammation. Some research even indicates that cucumbers can slow aging.

hydrate your skin


Crunchy and dense, it may be surprising to some to learn that carrots are loaded with water, about 90 percent. Carrots also contain antioxidants and beta-carotene, helping heart health. Carrots can also help protect you against cancer.


Full of antioxidants, zucchini is 95 percent water. Antioxidants can prevent cells from damage, and is good for your eyes. Zucchini will help with skin hydration, just like SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, and keep you healthy.

hydrate your skin

Iceberg Lettuce

Although iceberg lettuce doesn’t have as many nutrients as other greens, it does have fiber, which can help you stay regular. Iceberg lettuce also has iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium, phosphorous and essential minerals like the skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

hydrate your skin


Full of folate, vitamin K, magnesium, manganese and antioxidants spinach is a good source of water, and although it doesn’t have as much as iceberg lettuce can still help the fight against cancer and inflammation.


Good for your teeth, as it is known as nature’s dental floss; it is low in calories and is 95 percent water. Celery can prevent inflammation while helping with digestion. Celery contains folate, vitamin K, and potassium.

hydrate your skin


Rich in vitamin K, vitamin C and other essential nutrients, cauliflower is 92 percent water. Cauliflower can help lower your cholesterol while protecting you against cancer. However, it’s best not to boil it to prevent a loss of nutrients.


hydrate your skin


Adding flavor and sweetness to your diet, tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that could help the fight against cancer. Tomatoes can also lower your LDL or bad cholesterol and could help with heart health.

hydrate your skin


These delicious sweet treats are loaded with flavonoids. Flavonoids are chemicals that can help your brain stay healthy and sharp. Strawberries are 91 percent water and will help hydrate your skin.



hydrate your skin


Of course, it is important to keep your skin healthy as well, and if you are looking for an all-natural skin hydrating skin care product, look no further than SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. Order your products today and hydrate your skin.

Cold Remedies for your Tummy

Cold Remedies

Chicken Soup

Cold remedies aren’t just in the cold and flu aisle. You can find cold remedies at home in your kitchen. It’s not just because your mom said so. Studies show that chicken soup helps with congestion and can clear nasal passages much better than other types of hot liquids. Chicken soup also has anti-inflammatory effects that could help other cold symptoms as well.

Cold Remedies


Vitamin C can help with the common cold and is common when it comes to cold remedies, but unfortunately, it will not stop you from catching one. Vitamin C can help if you are constantly around people who are often sick, but if you take it right before you notice any symptoms, it may help you get rid of your cold quicker.

Cold Remedies

Fight the Germs

Cranberries, green tea, broccoli, kale, blueberries, and red onions all contain powerful antioxidants and although the study is fairly new, the researchers could be on to something.

Cold Remedies

Heat it up

Although they can’t cure the common cold, chili peppers can give your nasal passages the all clear making you feel much better. Peppers contain capsaicin, which has been proven to help clear a stuffy nose.

Cold Remedies


Hot ginger tea is great if you are nursing a bad or even mild cold, but you don’t have to wait until you are sick to drink it. Some studies show that the spicy root may be helpful in preventing the virus by blocking it.

Cold Remedies


Although some people believe that dairy should be avoided when you have a runny or stuffy nose, there isn’t much evidence to support the claim. If you crave ice cream or a cold glass of milk because you have a sore throat, go ahead and enjoy.


Researchers believe that garlic is another one of the great cold remedies contains some things that could help fight a cold, but are still figuring out how that happens. However, early studies are quite promising. Whatever makes it work, it may be helpful to enjoy a few extra cloves if you are sick.

Keeping your body healthy on the inside with natural cold remedies is as important as the outside, and if you need an all natural skin care system, order your products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today.


How To Get more Vitamin K

vitamin k

Vitamins and minerals are essential for a healthy body, but how do you know if you are getting enough? According to SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, vitamin K is an essential nutrient needed to help bones grow and blood clot.

Vitamin K has been shown to prevent osteoporosis while helping protect against heart disease. Getting enough vitamin K is essential, but more than two-thirds of Americans aren’t getting what they need.

Below are a few ways that you can boost your vitamin K intake.

vitamin k

Leafy Greens

As Popeye says, spinach is good for your body and your skin. Collards, mustard greens, and kale are at the top of the charts for vitamin K intake. Cooked kale is a powerhouse loaded with 550 micrograms of vitamin K in just a half a cup.

vitamin k


When it comes to the best source of vitamin K, you can’t beat vegetables. Roasted broccoli and Brussels sprouts are loaded with Vitamin K. Other great vegetable choices include frozen okra, asparagus, scallions, green cabbage, and raw watercress. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE recommends that you add some parsley to your meal as well for a quick vitamin K boost.

vitamin k


Although fruits aren’t usually known for their vitamin K content, some can give you a quick dose. Snack on green apples and you’ll get 60 micrograms while a half a cup of pitted prunes will give you 50 micrograms. Although grapes and blueberries only have 11 and 14 micrograms respectively, they are easy to enjoy.

vitamin k

Go Nutty

Packed with healthy oils, fiber, protein and other nutrients that can help keep your heart strong and fight inflammation, mixed nuts, cashews and particularly pine nuts, will give you a nice shot of the vitamin. Add pine nuts to a salad or pasta dish and indulge on mixed nuts or cashews for a healthy midday snack.

vitamin k


Eating fish, especially salmon, twice a week or more is recommended by the American Heart Association and is loaded with protein, healthy oils and minerals that can help lower your blood pressure while warding off stroke and heart attack. Cooked shrimp and salmon have small amounts of the vitamin, but a can of tuna in oil with give you 37 micrograms for every three-ounce serving.

Just like your body, your skin needs vitamins too. Try the all-natural skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE and you will be giving your skin the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Fresh Bread Could Be To Blame on Thanksgiving

fresh bread

The smell of fresh bread is hard for most to resist. However as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE explains, bread isn’t always your friend, but unfortunately, the delicious diet staple is surrounded by myths.

Eating Bread will make you Fat

When enjoyed in moderation, fresh bread will not make you fat. In fact, nutritionists recommend bread as part of a balanced diet. Most nutritionists recommend that you avoid white bread as it is stripped of fiber, minerals, and vitamins during refining. Fiber found in whole grains helps satisfy and can curb the appetite.

Gluten Free is Healthier

There is no guarantee that the loaf of fresh bread you brought home from the health food store is actually healthy. If truth were told, gluten free bread is higher in sugar and packed with other not so good for you additives such as cornstarch and xanthan gum. Go for whole food alternatives such as rice, chia, flax, and quinoa or buckwheat breads if you don’t agree with gluten.

Not Always the Healthier Choice

Many types of whole meal and brown bread contain high levels of sugar, even higher than white bread. Bread makers add it to make the bread tastier. Caramel and treacle can also be added to the mix. Always read your labels before you put that bread in your cart.

Bad for Blood Sugar

Highly refined white bread on its own can cause a spike in blood sugar levels dropping just as fast. This will lead to cravings and low energy levels. Slather your bread with nut butter, cheese, butter, or hummus, which will accelerate the absorption rate into the bloodstream.

Bread and Bloating

Bloating can’t be narrowed down with bread being the culprit for many people. However, several factors could be at play, especially if you buy your bread from a commercial manufacturer and not an Artisan fresh bread baker.

Most commercial bakeries use a process called Chorleywood. This produces fast and cheap bread using flour improving agents and enzymes that many can be allergic or sensitive to. You may find that Artisan breads are fine, but commercial brands bloat you, just as some find wheat hard to digest, but are able to tolerate spelt or rye bread.

This Thanksgiving enjoy, but pay attention to how fresh bread affects you so that you can get a heads up for Christmas dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE!

Vitamin D for Skin

vitamin D

Vitamin D for skin is awesome and one of the ingredients in the all-natural line of skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. However, there are many other reasons that you should include the vitamin in your diet and vitamin D for your skin.

vitamin D for Skin


Bone Health

Increasing your intake of vitamin D is essential for strong healthy strong bones from birth through to old age. Vitamin D helps your body absorb the calcium from foods and can help prevent brittle bones and fractures in older people. Children need vitamin D to build strong bones, weak bones, and knock-knees. Vitamin D was added to milk in the 1930’s.

vitamin D for skin

Weight Loss 

Recent studies are showing that obese people have lower levels of vitamin D in their blood. Scientists believe that the body fat actually traps the vitamin. It is still not quite clear whether the obesity causes lower levels of vitamin D, or it’s the other way around, but in a small study of people who were trying to lose weight, those that added vitamin D to a lower calorie diet found it easier to lose weight.

vitamin D for skin


Lower levels of vitamin D have been found in people with depression, however the studies do not show that supplementing will reduce the symptoms, but what studies are discovering is that depression can be helped by spending more time outdoors in the sunshine. Sunshine is Mother Nature’s vitamin D.

vitamin D for skin


If you want to boost your intake of vitamin D for skin and overall health try including swordfish, salmon and mackerel in your diet as each will provide you with healthy amounts of vitamin D in a single serving. Other fatty fish, such as sardines and tuna have lower amounts of the vitamin as do egg yolks and beef liver.

vitamin D for skin

Start your day off right and include vitamin D. Orange juice, some types of milk, even soy milk, bread, some cereal and yogurt brands have also included vitamin D in the ingredients. Check your labels to see how much of the vitamin you will be getting.

Including vitamin D in your routine, including your skincare regime, can help you stay young and healthy. Order your all-natural skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today, which has been said to help provide vitamins and minerals into your skin, including vitamin D for skin.

Arnica Natures Anti-Inflammatory


Arnica is a natural inflammatory that is grown in North America, Canada Russia, central Europe, and the Pyrenees. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE gets its Arnica from the mountains in Montana.

First used by mountaineers in Switzerland to prevent aching and sore limbs, it can be used for sprains, dislocations and muscle aches. When used externally, Arnica can help prevent bruising and bleeding capillaries.


Arnica works as it stimulates the white blood cell activity. Arnica disperses joint and muscle fluids that are trapped by congested blood dispersing to the rest of the body. There are also anti-bacterial qualities and anti-inflammatory properties in Arnica as well. Arnica can help reduce pain and speed up wound healing. Recent evidence has shown that Arnica can help the body recover more quickly form toothaches, surgery, and childbirth. In dental patients, Arnica helped control bleeding and pain after the procedure. Reducing swelling is probably one of the most well known properties of Arnica.



Products that contain Arnica help your bruises heal faster after blows, falls, and other bodily traumas that will cause your blood vessels to break up under the skin spilling blood. This causes discoloration and tenderness. Arnica will speed up the healing while prompting the body to send in additional white blood cells that will repair the bruise.



If you start to swell message a product containing Arnica into the area as Arnica is natures wonder anti-inflammatory. Arnica will give you significant benefits when it comes to contusions, fractures, strains, and sprains. Use products that contain Arnica after surgery to reduce bleeding and swelling.



A natural pain reliever, Arnica doesn’t mask your pain like prescription painkillers. Arnica stimulates the healing process prompting your body to heal faster. Pain that is caused from inflammation and trauma will be healed as Arnica reduces swelling and pain causes swelling or inflammation.



Arnica isn’t something that you will find in all skin care products, but is an active ingredient in the all-natural line of skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. Order your skin care products with Arnica from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today.

Healthy Food instead of the Bad Stuff

Healthy food really does mean healthy skin, and if you are having a tough time keeping your skin from breaking out, it could have something to do with your diet. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE explains that steering clear of fried and processed foods can help keep your skin clear, but so can avoiding these foods.

Healthy Food

Rice Cakes

Touted by dieters all over the planet, the fat erasing rice cake will cause your blood sugar to go through the roof. When that happens it can speed wrinkle formation as your body metabolizes the simple carbohydrates in the rice cakes exactly the same way that is does with sugar, by turning them into glucose. Once converted, it will stick to proteins, such as collagen, that fight wrinkles.

Healthy Food

Healthy Cereals

Although whole grains are lower when it comes to the glycemic index, many of those so-called healthy foods, including cereals are loaded with sugar, and just like rice cakes, can cause those glucose spikes that will speed up wrinkle formation.

Healthy Food


According to the ads, “Milk does a body good,” but it isn’t as good for your skin, especially skim milk. Milk contains growth hormones, which can affect your insulin as those hormones can make their way into the blood stream. This can also cause inflammation and an excess of oil production resulting in a massive breakout. Nut and organic milks are healthy foods that could be a good alternative.

Healthy Food


You may think munching on the occasional chip, even the baked variety can’t hurt, but the refined carbs can trigger collagen damaging oxidative stress meaning that over time you will start to notice wrinkles and fine lines. Skip the chips if you don’t want to look older than you really are and go for more healthy food.

Healthy Food


With Americans eating up a whopping 22 teaspoons of sugar every day, it’s no wonder their skin is suffering for it. Most sugars are hidden in the most surprising places, and one of the biggest offenders is the humble smoothie, but don’t blame the natural sugar as made to order smoothies from chains or the ones that you buy at the grocery store contain frozen yogurt and even sherbet, all of which are teaming with added sugar. If you must have a smoothie, make it at home with good for you foods such as yogurt or unsweetened almond or coconut milk.

Healthy Food

Eating healthy food and using all natural skin care products, such as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, will help you stay healthy and young looking. Order SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE skin care system today.