Daily Duo Heal & Seal

You're happy with your skin, and don't feel like you need a detailed skincare regimen. But you do want a daily routine that will promote healthy skin as you age. These two products (our Herbal Gel and Herbal Moisturizing Lotion) are exactly what you are looking for.

Every so often, a pretty young lady with excellent skin will come to us and say "Jill, Dottie... I have great skin now, so I don't feel like I need masks and multi-step routines and such. But I would like to ensure I look as good as you two when I'm your age - what should I do?"

Well my dear, flattery will get you everywhere. If we had to pick the perfect Daily Duo that even the Homecoming Queen will benefit from, it would be our Herbal Gel, followed by our Herbal Moisturizing Lotion. That's the duo that will get you through the years with supple, glowing style!

You can click on the links to read about each individual product, but let's say this: The Herbal Gel soothes, heals, and conditions, but does not moisturize. The Moisturizing Lotion, moisturizes, but doesn't heal. But used together night and day (Herbal Gel first, then the Herbal Moisturizing Lotion), they become a potent, powerful duo that heals, protects and fights off the effects of weather and time.

Oh, and we realize we led this off with a young lady... but GUYS, you would do well to get in on this too. Because nice, healthy skin is always attractive.

Do your skin a favor and give it a dose of the Daily Duo "Heal & Seal".


Yes, this stuff is truly special. Read about our history here.