Herbal Facial Cleanser

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Herbal Facial Cleanser

Radiant, healthy skin begins with our HERBAL FACIAL CLEANSER. This creamy cleanser is enhanced with SAPONINS, which is known for disinfecting, as well as its deep pore cleansing ability. This unique product will gently remove dirt, impurities, and excess oil and assist with the reduction of acne. Your face and neck will be soft, supple, fresh and vibrant. USE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. Use this product not only to cleanse the face with natural herbs, but as a make-up and mascara remover. Gentle and effective, our cleanser does not irritate the eyes. Due to our unique herbal complex, it moisturizes the skin as it cleans.

A gentle deep pore facial cleanser for all skin types including dry, oily and acne prone skin. This creamy cleanser cleans inside the pores as well as outside surface dirt, makeup and mascara.

Features and Benefits
  • This product stands apart from most cleansers because the healing Herbal Complex of the GEL (Rosemary leaves, Aloe Vera Gel, Comfrey Leaves, Jaborandi Leaves, Chamomile Flower, Arnica Flower, Watercress and Saponins) is the base and made into an effective Facial Cleanser for all skin types. Our concentrated formula makes a small amount goes along way.
  • Free of perfume, dyes and colors, our Facial Cleanser can be used by people with sensitive skin.
  • Easy to use, activates with water.
  • Saponins are disinfecting herbs that dissolve excess oils and dirt, yet never robs the skin of moisture never leaves a residue.
  • Assists to clear Acne prone skin.
  • Due to the unique herbal complex the Facial Cleanser when rinsed off, leaves all skin types deep pore clean, smooth and soft - never drying.
  • Assists to clean & clear Rosacea.
  • Dissolves makeup, mascara (including waterproof mascara) and does not sting the eyes.
  • Used by women and men as well as teenage girls and boys.
For Best Results
  • Wet face and neck
  • Apply HERBAL FACIAL CLEANSER to remove make-up
  • Rinse face and re-apply HERBAL FACIAL CLEANSER
  • Leave on for two minutes
  • Rinse with warm water and wash cloth.
  • Use morning and night
  • For maximum results, wet hands and face. Then apply liberal amount of Facial Cleanser. Work in circular motion on face, neck and eyes for 1 minute. Wait 2-3 minutes before rinsing. Rinse with water first with hands, final rinse with wash cloth.
Active Ingredients


Blended without the use of excessive heat to preserve the herbs and natural properties - Herbal Complex: (Rosemary leaves, Aloe Vera Gel, Comfrey Leaves, Jaborandi Leaves, Chamomile Flowers, Arnica Flowers, Watercress, Saponins). Stearic Acid, Glycerol Stearate, P.G. Stearate SE, Jojoba Oil, Methyl Gluceth-10, Citric Acid. Preserved with Grapefruit Seed Extract. Natural Fragrance, Algae.

*Synergism: Interaction of two or more agents, such that the effect of the combination is greater than the sum of its parts.

Recent Testimonies

My name is Marissa. I have always had very oily skin and would pick at it making sores which turned into scars. I was introduced to your products from a woman I work with. She convinced me to use your Herbal Cleanser, Renew, and Herbal Gel - 2 times a day. Now my face is clear and even those scars are gone. Please send me 3 more of each. Thank you.

Marissa - Alaska

I have had what was diagnosed as rosacea on my face for years, I have seen dermatologists and tried many rxs over those years with absolutely no relief. I just have to tell you that your sales people at the AZ home and garden show convinced me to use your product and I just can't believe the results! I have had red blotchy and (the worst part) itchy skin on my face for at least six years. My face would be blotchy red and it would itch so bad I wanted to just die, and then patches would dry up and flake for days, it was even visible under makeup. I have been using your product for maybe three weeks and I'm afraid to say that my skin problem is cured! Not only that but large areas of sun damage are almost invisible! I never do this but I just had to let you know. Thank you so much!

Karyn King, Phx, Arizona

Our Guarantee

Our products have a 60 day unconditional 100% satisfaction money back guarantee!
SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFULLY USED ON THE MOST SENSITIVE SKIN OF MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN AND HAVE NEVER BEEN TESTED ON ANIMALS. Our products are free of perfumes, mineral oils, animal oils, and lanolin and will not irritate the eyes.

Southwest Sunshine Products have helped thousands of people gain and maintain healthy skin. However, due to different skin types and usage of products, results may vary. Within 60 if our products do not meet your expectations, we will exchange or refund your purchase price.



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