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This was sent to me from Mikie Walker...awesome results...The pictures are amazing...I will try to attach.
This photo is of me on "day 1" after doing a "face plant" on concrete at the bottom of the steps of our camper in Branson, MO. We were coming back from the next door neighbors having made our plans for what shows we were planning to see. My hands were full and our 4 month old puppy was swirling at my feet on the end of a plastic encased steel cord. I was trying to keep from being tied up and down I went. I had no marks on my hands - my face - and glasses caught the full brunt of the fall. I don't think I broke my nose but it did some crackling afterwards.

I wore a bandage on my nose for a couple of hours to quell the bleeding and kept ice on it. Later that evening I took my Southwest Sunshine facial cleanser and carefully washed my face. It took some gentle patting to get the gauze off the end of my nose. I followed that with the gel. It stung a little but not badly. It was soothing.

This is "day 2." It was looking better already! I continued the treatment twice a day - morning and night.

This is "day 3." This is when I added a little olive oil to the moisture lotion and began adding that to the regimen. It all was so soothing and I knew and trusted the products to be the best thing I could do. It doesn't take much of the product to do what needs to be done.

"Day 4" scabs on the chin are pretty well softened and on their way off.

This was Saturday - "Day 8" that facial lotion gently loosens up scabs (and I use it to remove eye make-up and those "breath-right strips") I don't know what I would do differently!

This was yesterday " day 10." I needed to wear make-up to go to church to play the piano. All that really needed covering up were the black and blue spots under my eyes. My glasses covered up the rest pretty well.

The Southwest Sunshine products are the BEST! I cannot tell you how much I love them!
Mikie Walker
Emily, MN
Date Added: 04/13/2016 by Jill Gaudio