Herbal Mask Activator

Herbal Mask Activator


Mix this Herbal Activator with our Protein Lift Mask powder, while saying "mirror, mirror on the wall..." - ok we jest with that last part. But it really is like magic for your face and skin and it's only available from Southwest Sunshine.

To make the kind of facial lift mask that we wanted, we divided the protein and herbal components into the mask and activator portions (although we talk about the mask as a singular product on this page and the mask page). This allows for our unique blend to reach the perfect synergy when they are mixed.

Together, Southwest Sunshine's blend of natural proteins and herbs (goldenseal, rose hips, arnica, and others ) are mixed together with this Herbal Mask Activator for the ideal facial lift mask. It deep cleans, stimulates and minimizes pores as it tones your face week after week. That's right - once a week is all you need - it's that good!

If you like our other products, we promise, you'll LOVE this one. It's the culmination of everything we've learned, and incorporates nature's best into a two-part facial mask that leaves your facial skin feeling youthful and vibrant. - Get yours today!


I purchased your herbal skin care products at a local Home Show recently. I just want to tell you that I am an older woman and have used makeup and facial care products since high school. I've tried many products throughout the years. I can honestly tell you that your products are the best I have ever used. Now I will be introducing my daughter to your products, saving them years of trial and error. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
J.M Scottsdale, AZ

For 30 years I had a beard because I could not shave with any available shave products. They all left my skin broken and burned. I literally tried everything - that is until I saw your products at a local Fair. Due to the belief of the representative, I bought the products - went home and shaved - WOW - Unbelievable - my skin is now so smooth and no burns! Thank you - my wife thanks you also.
Mr. T.H. Pleasanton, CA

My name is Marissa. I have always had very oily skin and would pick at it making sores which turned into scars. I was introduced to your products from a woman I work with. She convinced me to use your Herbal Cleanser, Renew, and Herbal Gel - 2 times a day. Now my face is clear and even those scars are gone. Please send me 3 more of each. Thank you.
Marissa - Alaska

After my hysterectomy I used your Herbal Gel on the cut tissue when I got home. The tissue healed so quickly and smoothly even my doctor was amazed.
D.H. Liverpool, NY

I am a diabetic on insulin. My feet have been so cracked they hurt. After following your instruction, I now have smooth feet. I faithfully used the Herbal Gel and Moisturizer with sunscreen 3 times a day. Thanks for the great products.
B.J. Peoria, IL

Blended without the use of excessive heat to preserve the herbs natural properties - Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Herbal Complex (Rosemary Leaves, Comfrey Leaves, Jaborandi Leaves, Chamomile Flowers, Arnica Flowers, Horsetail Extract, Watercress, Saponins). Water, Allatoin, PCA, D-L Panthenol, Potassium Sorbate. Preserved with Grapefruit Seed Extract.

  • ROSEMARY LEAVES: Moisturizes and strengthens tissue.
  • ALOE VERA: Used medicinally for centuries, it softens, soothes and stimulates blood supply to nourish the skin. It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties and promotes the healing of burns, bruises, cuts, abrasions, insect bites and other damaged skin tissue. Aloe Vera acts as a biological vehicle to aid penetration and absorption of our other herbs into deep tissue.
  • COMFREY LEAVES: Cleans, heals, and protects the skin.
  • JABORANDI LEAVES: Removes blockages in pores.
  • CHAMOMILE FLOWERS: Clinically proven anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile is considered bactericidal, anti-itching, soothing antiseptic, purifying refreshing and hypoallergenic with the ability to neutralize skin irritants. Helps tone and strengthen tissue.
  • ARNICA FLOWERS: Aids in the healing of damaged skin and trauma to soft tissue.
  • WATERCRESS: Moisturizes and tones tissue.
  • SAPONINS: Unique cleansing and disinfecting herbs.
  • ALLANTOIN: A soothing botanical derivative of the comfrey plant. It is an excellent anti-irritant, and it aids in the healing of damaged skin by stimulating new tissue growth.

See results NOW! For visibly firmer, tighter skin from the first time you use it. Our "Exclusive Salon Formula" HERBAL ACTIVATOR consists of a unique combination of herbs and natural proteins. Our weekly mask deep cleans, stimulates and progressively tones and tightens the face and neck with fantastic results. A must for healthy beautiful skin! Must be purchased with our PROTEIN LIFT MASK (Each is priced separately and both are needed to make the "Mask").

Mix equal parts (1tsp. each) of our PROTEIN LIFT MASK and ACTIVATOR. Apply to face and neck. Keep away from the delicate area of the eyes. Let dry approximately 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and a wash cloth (Great for acne prone skin too!). Follow with our HERBAL GEL and/or MOISTURIZER.

Features and Benefits

  • The Herbal Mask Activator mixed with the Protien Lift Mask make the BEST firming, tightening mask. Used weekly your face "glows". The herb "goldenseal" tightens and disinfects the pores.
  • Benefits include:
    • Firms and Tightens the facial tissues.
    • Gives the face a radiant "glow" by bringing the blood flow to the surface.
    • Excellent for acne-prone skin due to the disinfection of pores.
    • Great on oily or dry skin.
  • It is known as the Miracle Mask!!

For Best Results

  • Clean face and neck with our FACIAL CLEANSER
  • Mix equal parts (1tsp. each) of our PROTEIN LIFT MASK with our HERBAL ACTIVATOR
  • Apply on face and neck.
  • Do not apply around the delicate area of the eyes
  • Use weekly
  • Follow with HERBAL GEL and MOISTURIZER

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SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFULLY USED ON THE MOST SENSITIVE SKIN OF MEN‚ WOMEN AND CHILDREN AND HAVE NEVER BEEN TESTED ON ANIMALS. Our products are free of perfumes‚ mineral oils‚ animal oils‚ and lanolin and will not irritate the eyes.

Southwest Sunshine Products have helped thousands of people gain and maintain healthy skin. However‚ due to different skin types and usage of products‚ results may vary. Within 60 days if our skin care products, do not meet your expectations‚ we will exchange or refund your purchase price. Choose carefully, lipstick(s) are not returnable.