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SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE is looking to expand in various ways offering the opportunity to sell Southwest Sunshine Products to family and friends; as a DEALER, or sell directly at indoor/outdoor markets, shows and home parties as an INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR.

If you have a product or service that you sell via your website and become an AFFILIATE of SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, you will not only receive a commission for every new customer, but we will feature your product/service to our customers as well.

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SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE’S focus is on the health and well-being for the whole body; not only for the outside but the inside as well.

‘LIVE PURE’, our affiliate, is a 16-year-old company offering natural nutritional products that do exactly that; heal from the inside.

For starters, PURE MAJIK, caught our attention because it claimed to assist with weight loss by decreasing cravings, managing blood sugar, boost fat loss and all while increasing energy.

We put it to the test, and much to our delight, it delivered!

‘LIVE PURE’ now has our attention and we began using many of their products and testing the results with our family.

It was exciting to see the change it had…Uncle George finally lost some weight and my sister’s blood sugar is the lowest it’s been in years!

There’s so much more…

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE would like you to test ‘LIVE PURE’ products for yourself and let us know your results.

In return SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE will extend a 5% discount on your next order of SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE products.

Short Video About PURE MAJIK:

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