Southwest Sunshine's Renew is a natural skin exfoliate that we've developed specifically to recapture that youthful glow... It combines our unique healing Gel formula (Rosemary Leaves Aloe Vera Gel, Comfrey Leaves, Jaborandi Leaves, Chamomile Flower, Arnica Flower, Watercress and Saponins) with Fruit Acids, Milk, and Sugar Cane. Specifically, on the fruit acid side we have Grapefruit, Apple, and Bilberry.

This (admittedly delicious sounding) blend is a treat for your skin. You use a small amount of this serum, as it will glide on smoothly while penetrating in seconds. And once it penetrates, Renew gets busy. Microscopically it dissolves dead skin and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, assists in lightening dark spots, as well as reducing blemishes and acne breakouts. You can use it anywhere on your body, even on your face to target trouble areas (like age spots). It's a very gentle, yet effective exfoliate.

Used nightly, Renew helps promote tissue renewal (hence the name), and gives your skin a renewed glow (there we go again!) Best of all, it does all of this without irritating your skin (so it's ideal for those with sensitive skin), and there's nary a perfume or dye - just nature's best stuff, doing its thing.

Try a bottle today - you won't be disappointed.


My name is Marissa. I have always had very oily skin and would pick at it making sores which turned into scars. I was introduced to your products from a woman I work with. She convinced me to use your Herbal Cleanser, Renew, and Herbal Gel - 2 times a day. Now my face is clear and even those scars are gone. Please send me 3 more of each. Thank you.
Marissa - Alaska

I purchased your herbal skin care products at a local Home Show recently. I just want to tell you that I am an older woman and have used makeup and facial care products since high school. I've tried many products throughout the years. I can honestly tell you that your products are the best I have ever used. Now I will be introducing my daughter to your products, saving them years of trial and error. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
J.M Scottsdale, AZ


Blended without the use of excessive heat to preserve the herbs and natural properties - Active Botanical Complex includes: (Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Comfrey, Chamomile, Arnica, Watercress), the following Natural Acids: (Grapefruit, Apple, Black Current, Bilberry, Glycolic, Lactic, Malic) Aloe Vera Gel. Preserved with Grapefruit Seed Extract.

*Synergism: Interaction of two or more agents, such that the effect of the combination is greater than the sum of its parts.

Cleanse face and neck area apply 2 drops of RENEW nightly. Rub in - do not rinse off. Keep away from eyes and follow with a small amount of the Herbal GEL.

To exfoliate and dissolve dead skin cells, diminish fine lines and lighten dark spots due to age and sun. Also aids in the reduction of acne breakouts.

RENEW helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, assist in lightening dark spots, as well as reducing blemishes and acne breakouts.. Use our HYDROXY RENEW to recapture your skins youthful glow. Our herbal combination that has made Southwest Sunshine Products a success has now been blended with FRUIT ACIDS, MILK and SUGAR CANE. This natural skin exfoliate is a must for beautiful skin. Our RENEW glides on smoothly and penetrates in seconds.

Features and Benefits

  • The healing Herbal Complex of the GEL (Rosemary Leaves Aloe Vera Gel, Comfrey Leaves, Jaborandi Leaves, Chamomile Flower, Arnica Flower, Watercress and Saponins) is the base to our Natural Amidroxy Fruit Acids.
  • Unlike other exfoliates that are synthetic, or chemical that can irritate the skin our Renew uses a high concentration of Grapefruit, Apple, Black Current, Bilberry, milk and sugar cane.
  • It is effective on all skin types and gentle for sensitive skin.
  • Very concentrated, used nightly to smooth rough skin and dissolve dead skin cells.
  • Assists in clearing minor acne scars.
  • Used nightly to help tissue renewal and give the skin a renewed glow.
  • Consistent use helps smooth out fine lines and helps fade age spots.
  • Perfume, dyes and color free there is no smell.
  • Can also be used on hands and chest to smooth the skin and lighten age spots.

For Best Results

  • Use at night after cleansing
  • Follow with our HERBAL GEL and then FACIAL MOISTURIZER

Our products have a 60 day unconditional 100% satisfaction money back guarantee!


SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFULLY USED ON THE MOST SENSITIVE SKIN OF MEN‚ WOMEN AND CHILDREN AND HAVE NEVER BEEN TESTED ON ANIMALS. Our products are free of perfumes‚ mineral oils‚ animal oils‚ and lanolin and will not irritate the eyes.

Southwest Sunshine Products have helped thousands of people gain and maintain healthy skin. However‚ due to different skin types and usage of products‚ results may vary. Within 60 days if our skin care products, do not meet your expectations‚ we will exchange or refund your purchase price. Choose carefully, lipstick(s) are not returnable.