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A Proud Past - A Proven Recipe for Success


At the turn of the century the Marchant family settled in the big horn basin area of Wyoming and Montana where Arnica grows wild. Bret learned from his father who followed in an old native American tradition by gathering Arnica and other natural herbs to produce a herbal gel for cuts, bruises, wounds and burns.

It really all began when the family moved to Queen Creek, Arizona in 1972. Bret's father Jack found that his herbal gel was also effective for dry itchy skin. Working together with an organic chemist they formulated a unique blend of Arnica, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Rosemary, Watercress and Saponins that work to treat most skin conditions.


"The family philosophy has always been that herbs were put on this earth to make people healthy - natural beauty is reflected through healthy skin."

--- Bret Marchant


With continued research these synergistic herbs used in the gel became the base for the entire skin care line. Then marketed to other companies in exclusive packaging and sold under various names across the country.

In 1980, under the Southwest Sunshine label, Bret offered the same high quality skin care products direct to the consumer. By eliminating the middle man and the high cost of retail, Bret was able to bring the same products direct to the consumer at a very affordable price.

In 1992 the Southwest Sunshine Family grew with the addition of Jill and Dottie. Throughout the years, you may have seen them demonstrating at various events and shows.


Jill and Dottie

Jill and Dottie


"With uncompromising quality of our products, we have found our niche...selling by demonstration at an affordable price direct to the consumer. When people can feel for themselves the quality of our natural products, made here in Arizona, and backed by an unconditional guarantee...they buy!"

- Jill and Dottie



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