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Southwest Sunshine products have been manufactured and formulated in Arizona for over 30 years. In the past we made these products for other companies that used exclusive packaging and expensive advertising. Now we offer the same high quality products, doubled in size, in plain packaging and offer direct to the consumer. By eliminating the middleman we are able to bring an entire skin care system for the price of one product.

Southwest Sunshine products work on normal, dry or oily skin as well as sensitive skin. Women, men and children use our products - in short "everyone with skin" can reap the benefits of our herbal products.

Our unique formula of herbs penetrate the skin to assist in healing, soothing, softening as well as maintaining healthy skin. On the back of every bottle and jar you will see our ingredients. Most skin care products use a water and oil base (mineral oil, animal oil or lanolin). Then they use their base and make it into different products. Southwest Sunshine products are unique in that we developed and formulated an herbal complex base and then used this base and made it into an entire product line.

Look at the ingredients on the back of the Gel. The herbal complex found in the Gel is used as the base for all of our products. Through years of research and development, we have found that our products work not only because of our herbal combination but the method of processing the herbs. As our products "feed the skin" most people will experience healthy skin. Unlike a product that uses a water and oil base that tends to coat the skin, our products differ because it is not a coating - it penetrates.

The herbs that we have carefully selected have been used for centuries to heal most problem skin and in general these herbs are multi-purpose.

To highlight the most common skin problems, Rosemary and Watercress will soften rough skin even callous hands and feet. Arnica flower stops itchy skin due to various causes; such as mosquito bites, poison oak and ivy, bee sting and most irritations. Chamomile reduces puffy eyes and in the case of a burn or sunburn when applied immediately, it will prevent the burn from blistering. Then Arnica Flower will take the sting out of the burn and Aloe Vera expedites the healing. For acne-prone skin, Saponins penetrates the pores and acts as a disinfectant and Arnica and Aloe promote healing. Remember our gentle but effective herbal complex will heal soothe and soften the most sensitive of skin. For decades the reports of uses have not only been for itchy dry skin, burns and acne but controlling psoriasis, eczema, puffy eyes, dark circles, diaper rash, cradle cap, diabetics skin and cuts - the list goes on and on...

The skin is abused daily. These gentle but effective herbs have been used on the most sensitive of skin, therefore, we recommend that everyone use our products to replace their current skin care regime.

The steps are simple and quick and our products are very concentrated. (Please refer to the back of your order form for more detail).



Step 1 - Facial Cleanser
Step 2 - Herbal Gel (Face as well as the entire body, don't forget the hands and feet)
Step 3 - Facial Moisturizer (Use on face and neck.)
Step 4 - Chamomile Eye and Lip Cream (Use around eyes and on the lips too.)
Step 5 - Herbal Moisturizing Lotion. This is your day and night moisturizing lotion. Use on face (will not irritate the eyes) body, hands and feet.

For those who use makeup - now apply.



Step 1 - Facial Cleanser (This also removes makeup as well as eye makeup.)
Step 2 - Renew (For the face to exfoliate the skin.)
Step 3 - Herbal Gel (Face as well as the entire body, Don't forget the hands and feet.)
Step 4 - Facial Moisturizer (Use on face and neck.)
Step 5 - Chamomile Eye and Lip Cream (Use around eyes and on the lips too.)
Step 6 - Herbal Moisturizing Lotion (This is your day and night moisturizing lotion.) Use on body, hands and feet.


Once a week, use the Protein Lift Mask with the Herbal Activator.

For maximum results use the entire system. However, some people may prefer to select and create a system for their lifestyle, age and gender.

For men that shave their face with a razor and women that shave their legs use our Therapy Shave Gel. "This one product is three products in one." As it is applied it will clean. Then shave and it will give you the closest shave without a razor burn or bumps. Then reapply this product as an after shave. Your skin will be soft smooth and silky.

Continue to use our products to "feed" the skin. As the skin renews itself approximately every 30 days you will begin to experience healthier skin.


Our Guarantee

Our products have a 60 day unconditional 100% satisfaction money back guarantee!


Southwest Sunshine Products have helped thousands of people gain and maintain healthy skin. However, due to different skin types and usage of products, results may vary. If at any time our products do not meet your expectations, we will exchange or refund your purchase price.