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Southwest Sunshine Daily Dul Herbal Skincare

Yes, this stuff is truly special.
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Why Us?


We Have a Formula That Works.

Our Customers Absolutely Love It.

And We're Sticking With It.



It' impossible to improve perfection.
We won't even try.

Southwest Sunshine began decades ago, when the Marchant Family developed an Arnica-based, all-natural skincare formula that was both gentle for the most sensitive, and great for your skin.

It was further perfected in 1972, when, after moving, the finishing touches were put on this family-developed treasure. Under the Arizona sun, we arrived at the ideal blend of Arnica, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Rosemary, Comfrey, Jaborandi, Watercress and Saponins - a blend that is simply amazing for skin conditioning and healing, and is the base for all of our products.

The name Southwest Sunshine is more than just catchy. It captures the true essence of our products, which help your skin withstand and recover from the harshest of environments, but are safe enough for a baby. We feel it is the best skincare line on the planet.



If you Build It, They Will Come

(and then they'll bring it home and tell their friends!)

Listen, we always knew we had great products. And our local Arizona neighbors did too.

But it wasn't until Arizona became a popular "snowbird" destination that we truly understood how special our products were. We had women (and men) come from all over, and once they tried Southwest Sunshine products, they were hooked. People started buying boxes of it before they went home.

Can you image how that made us feel...Wow.

We started expanding, selling face-to-face locally, and then taking reorders from people all over the US and Canada, and eventually had a website set up for easy purchase. Now we're looking to expand our reach with a new website telling the rest of the world about us.

Southwest Sunshine is available direct from the manufacturer (that's us). By selling directly to you, we eliminate the various middlemen, allowing you to experience the very best in skincare, at a value price.


So Yes, Everyone Loves Our Products Just the Way They Are...

As mentioned above, we hit the perfect formula, which became our Herbal Gel. Indeed, this gel is the base for all of our other products.

Our products are not tested on animals, water is not the first ingredient and it does not contain mineral oil, animal oil or lanolin. They are also perfume and dye free, and are non-allergenic.

Instead, Southwest Sunshine products contain nothing but goodness. The natural ingredients are soothing, promote healing, relieve pain from cuts and burns, protect the skin, and nourish it as well. Use our products to help with acne, puffy eyes, sunburn, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, shingles and a host of other skin ailments (even diabetic cuts and kid stuff like diaper rash and cradle cap). You can even use our Herbal Gel on your pets!


You'll Love Them Too - We Guarantee It!

We back everything with an unconditional 60-day guarantee. You'll either love our products, or we'll refund 100% of your money. Really, who does that these days? We do, because we have the best skincare products on Earth.

So, that's the long answer - we love our products, our customers love our products, and we're not changing a thing, because we know you'll love our products too.